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Intention vs. The Wording of a Will

What happens if the words in a will seem to contradict statements made by the deceased prior to his or her death?  The Ontario Superior Court of Justice examined this issue in a recent case (Royston (Trustees of) v. Alkerton). The Facts The deceased was the mother of five children (Michael, Peter, Laura, Alan, and …

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“First-Family-First”: When Might a Second Family Impact a Support Obligation?

It’s not uncommon for an individual who is obligated to pay spousal support to want to reduce or eliminate that obligation after he or she has entered into a new relationship.  This is especially true if financial responsibility for that new, or “second” family arises. Does a Second Family Impact Entitlement or Quantum of Support …

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Helping Kids Through Divorce – 10 Tips

Divorce is hard on kids of all ages.  Common sense tells us that we need to be supportive and extra attentive to our children during periods of change and upheaval in their lives.  You know your child best.  You know how to comfort them and parent with kindness and compassion, but it may be difficult …

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