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Enforcing Child Support Orders in Ontario

Whether you’re the recipient or payor of child support, you may be wondering how child support orders are enforced in Ontario. Non-payment of a child support order in Ontario is dealt with by the Family Responsibility Office – FRO. [The FRO] collects, distributes and enforces child and spousal support payments.  [It] work[s] to flow payments …

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Understanding the Hague Convention: Some Recent Case Examples

The Ontario Court of Appeal recently ruled on the question of whether a mother wrongfully retained her children in Canada, in breach of the father’s custody rights under German law.  The Court ordered the mother to return the children to Germany where the father lived.  As we recently commented in an article published on, we …

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Domestic Violence & Restraining Orders: Legal Principles

We’ve previously looked at the topic of restraining orders, which, in the context of family court, are orders that prohibit the contact that one party can have with another.  A restraining order has to be requested by way of a motion, and the party seeking the order must provide affidavit evidence to substantiate the need …

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