The Mind of a Cheater

Marriage is susceptible to all kinds of pressures; some internal and some external. Sometimes one partner goes outside the marriage to fulfill emotional or sexual needs—but what leads to cheating, and can it be prevented? Psychologists are locked in a constant battle over what constitutes cheating and whether one spouse can stop the other from …

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Can I Change the Locks on my Matrimonial Home?

Q: When we separated, my spouse left the home. I changed the locks and now he cannot enter the home unless I allow him access. How will the courts view this? A: Absent a court order that grants one spouse exclusive possession of the matrimonial home, you are not allowed to take steps to frustrate …

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Stayed-at-home at the expense of my career. Can this be grounds for spousal support?

Yes. In determining if there is an entitlement to spousal support, the court will consider (among other factors) the apportioning between spouses of the financial consequences which have arisen in consequence of the way in which they divided the childcare responsibility, pursuant to section 15.2(6) of the Divorce Act. If one spouse sacrificed his or …

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Party Planning with Your Ex

When you get divorced, you know that many things are going to change.  One of the big ones is how you celebrate birthdays and holidays with your children.  It is often outlined in divorce agreements when each parent will have the children for which holiday, but in reality it can become more complicated than that.  …

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Dealing With Your Spouse’s Ex

Second marriages can be wonderful.  You’ve realized your mistakes, moved on, and made a more suitable choice for yourself.  Unfortunately, second marriages often mean there is an ex lurking somewhere in the not-too-distant background.  Whether you have children or just live in a small community, it’s quite likely that you will have to deal with …

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What is the Matrimonial Home? Who Moves Out?

A matrimonial home is defined as any property in which you have an interest and in which you were using as a family residence at the time of separation. More than one home can be considered to be a matrimonial home, including cottages and vacation properties. Regardless of who owns the home(s), you and your …

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What is a Financial Statement?

As part of the process of finalizing your separation agreement, you will likely be required to prepare and share a financial statement that discloses information about your income, expenses, property and debts. This document will set out your true financial circumstances, which are necessary to determine issues of support, division of property and equalization. It …

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