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Child Support Calculator

Use our convenient calculator to determine a starting point for child support payments according to Ontario provincial guidelines. Launch Calculator

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Joint Family Ventures for Common Law Spouses Checklist and Guide

A Checklist and Guide to Joint Family Ventures for Common Law Spouses David Frenkel Gelman and Associates March 22, 2016 INTRODUCTION The 2011 Supreme Court of Canada decision of Kerr v. Baranow introduced the joint family venture as a concept and a method of describing the joint efforts of parties during their relationship that are …

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Court Locator

The majority of divorces in Ontario are settled between the parties and their lawyers without the need to litigate in court. Sometimes however, the issues surrounding the divorce are so contested that going to trial is unavoidable. If you should find yourself in such a situation, please refer to our Court Locator below to help …

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What is Collaborative Family Law?

For many couples, working together is preferable to contested divorces that are public, time consuming and very expensive. The collaborative family law process promotes constructive dialogue between spouses and their collaboratively trained lawyers. Through a series of meetings everyone ultimately arrives at a mutually satisfactory separation agreement. Although this process can be used by any …

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What Does Divorce Mean for Your Inheritance?

Pursuant to Ontario’s Family Law Act, when two people enter into a marriage, each spouse becomes automatically entitled to an equal share of the increase in value of that marriage, subject to certain exceptions. The right to equalization is triggered when the parties separate or when one spouse dies. Each partner then becomes entitled to …

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How Will Divorce Affect Your Pension Assets?

New rules for pension division upon the breakdown of spousal relationships came into force in Ontario as a result of amendments to the Ontario Family Law Act and Pension Benefits Act. Pursuant to the Family Law Act, the imputed value of married spouses’ pension assets constitutes property. Married spouses who decide to end their marriage …

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