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Parental alienation causes long-lasting, and sometimes permanent, damage between parents and kids. Typically, parental alienation occurs when one parent deliberately or unintentionally takes actions that create emotional distance between a child and the other parent. If you think you or your child are falling victim to parental alienation during or after your divorce, let your Mississauga divorce lawyer know immediately so he or she can help you correct the situation.

Parental Alienation: Are You or Your Child a Victim?

Your Mississauga divorce lawyer may ask you if you believe your child is a victim of parental alienation during the course of your divorce, particularly if you aren’t the custodial parent. Recognizing the signs of true parental alienation can help you stop it before it’s too late.

Signs of parental alienation that should be immediately discussed with your Mississauga divorce lawyer include:

  • one parent giving kids choices about visitation when they do not, in fact, have a choice. When, through your agreement, you have established visitation schedules, but one parent allows the child to decide whether they want to visit, it creates an inner conflict for the child that leads to parental alienation.
  • one parent refusing to share access to school records and schedules of extracurricular activities. When a child realizes that one parent doesn’t know what’s going on in the child’s life, the child often blames that parent – not the one truly at fault.
  • when a child is angry with one parent without being able to give a reason, or when a child’s reason for anger is very vague. This may be a result of one parent perpetuating a “feeling” about the other parent that the child doesn’t even understand.
  • one parent “rescuing” the child, either physically or emotionally, when there’s no need to do so. This makes the child feel like there’s a threat of danger, even when there isn’t; at the same time, it reinforces parental alienation.
  • the child having a deep, angry hatred toward one parent without cause. When a child seems full of rage toward one parent and cannot explain why, they may be falling victim to parental alienation by the other parent.

There are several other signs of parental alienation, as well. If you think your former spouse (or your former spouse’s boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse) is trying to create emotional distance between you and your child, tell your Mississauga divorce lawyer right away. Your Mississauga divorce lawyer may be able to take measures that brings an end to the damage your spouse is trying to cause.

What Your Mississauga Divorce Lawyer May Advise

Your Mississauga divorce lawyer will likely advise you not to give up on your kids. He or she will probably recommend that you keep a journal of your activities, and in some cases, seek family therapy. Remember that your Mississauga divorce lawyer is always looking out for you (even after your divorce is final), so be sure to let him or her know if you feel your child is suffering from parental alienation caused by your former spouse.

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