Sarah Balram

Office Manager

Sarah is the kind of person who is willing to conquer her fears. She went parasailing even though she can’t swim and is afraid of heights. She also regularly participates in boot camps – both one-day events for charity and longer camps, such as a 25-week outdoor camp that she completed in 2013.

Sarah has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication from Ryerson University where she majored in Finance and minored in Human Resources Management. Besides her skills as Gelman’s Office Manager, she has experience in real estate law and wealth management for high net worth clients.

In her spare time, Sarah stays active working out, dancing, and traveling. Her 2-year-old keeps her more active than anything, though, as she works to keep up with him. They like to visit zoos in various provinces and states.

Sarah also loves reading mysteries and inspirational books, and when her son is asleep, she enjoys shows like “Criminal Minds”, “Suits,” “Supernatural,” and “Vampire Diaries.” If you meet her for lunch, she might suggest a restaurant that serves spicy foods. She will go for any cuisine with a kick of pepper.

Around the office, people describe Sarah as a well-rounded person who is “organized” and “a numbers person,” while also being “fun” and “creative” – a rare combination indeed.

Sarah Balram