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Ferita Haque

Law Clerk

Ferita comes off as a real straight shooter and often times too blunt for her own good, but that does not take away from the fact that she thinks she’s hilarious, and can often make people smile. This comes in useful given the emotional nature of the family law industry.

Ferita graduated with Honours from York University with a double major in Law & Society and Sociology in 2008. She went on to working full time at a financial institution where she tenured for 10 years. Following some changes in her life, Ferita decided to go back to school and graduated the paralegal program with Honours from Sheridan College in 2016.

While in college Ferita won the Federation of University Women scholarship, which she was greatly appreciative of, and can only chalk it up to her very intense life circumstances which allowed her to rise above and make the most of her situation and be recognized.

Anyone that knows Ferita understands her ability to be relatable; her bubbly and positive personality makes her someone that people just feel comfortable reaching out to. She is not only personable, but resourceful as well.

Her interest in Family Law and helping others makes her work hard at Gelman & Associates, but that doesn’t stop her from also focusing on her herself. She has a passion for going to the gym, participating in outdoor activities with her family or just hunkering down to watch a movie, basketball game or football game.

Ferita Haque