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Hector Galindo

Law Clerk

Hector was born in Bogota, Colombia and moved to Canada in 2015.

While already being a lawyer in Colombia, he obtained his Law Clerk diploma from Trios College, graduating with honours and luckily obtaining a position within two weeks from graduation day!

As a lawyer back in Colombia, he initially worked in Commercial Law, Family Law and at the very end of his career in this mentioned country in the Oil, Gas & Energy sector. As a Law Clerk in Canada, he has been strictly working in Family Law since 2017 when he graduated.

His motivation is his desire to succeed in whichever plan he proposes himself to fulfill, he is a “we will get this done timely, correctly and in the first attempt” kind of man and does not surrender until the goal has been achieved.

Migrating to Canada was a family decision, based on providing his three sons with a golden opportunity to live, grow and thrive in this wonderful country. Nevertheless, for most anyone migration comes with periods of hardships yet Hector managed it all successfully and succeeded in the task!

This personal touch as for the wellbeing of a family is deeply rooted in his core. The family group and the integrity of all its members is definite for him hence working in Family Law and providing not only the appropriate and most definitely needed legal support but also a compassionate view of the situation has made Hector an excellent team player when our clients face these difficult situations. A good listener in fact he is. His calm demeanor, patient and analytical tone make you feel comfortable and at ease to pretty much rely on him.

Hector has been married for 20 years (and counting …) and values the tranquility, peace and level of comfort that a long marriage provides but has also seen from a close distance what a divorce process is and has learned from the close experiences family and friends have gone through that folks involved in this do very much need all the support they can get; from anyone, for everything. This “close to the heart” knowledge has deeply shaped him as for being an understanding, caring and empathetic person.

Now, when Hector is not working he is playing the electric guitar or the drums, or the acoustic guitar, or the harmonica, or the trumpet, or the piano … yes … he is also a stern, disciplined and devoted musician who actually manages to leave time for gardening and cooking … his family believes him to be an international chef!

Hector loves to have a full house where he and his family entertain guests and just enjoy the magical moments of hanging out with friends, family, loved ones.

Hector Galindo