Maria Margarita (Margie) L. Primero


When Margie was a child, her two older brothers practiced their Tae Kwon Do lessons on her. The next thing she knew, Margie was studying the martial art herself. This led to studies in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai, which is a combat sport from Thailand. But don’t let that information fool you – Margie is plenty gentle with clients.

Besides her impressive background in martial arts, Margie is an accomplished academic. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Economy and Behavioural Sciences at Andrews University in Michigan, graduating magna cum laude with honours. Then, she went on to obtain a Bachelors of Civil Law from McGill University in Montreal, where she also obtained her Juris Doctor degree through the Faculty of Law’s National Programme. Margie is also trained and certified to practice Collaborative Family Law.

With two daughters, most of Margie’s spare time revolves around her duties as a mom. But when she has a spare moment, she likes to write short stories and poetry, and volunteer her time at her church’s food bank. She has completed a couple 5k runs and eventually, she wants to run a marathon. We have no doubt that she’ll do it.

You could call Margie a well-rounded person. On the one hand, she loves the romance of the city of Venice, Italy, but she also likes zombies. She isn’t sure why, but she has always loved movies, TV shows, and video games about zombies. She’s a huge fan of The Walking Dead – both the graphic novels and the TV show.

All that aside, one thing is for sure – you can count on Margie to work hard for her clients. “Efficient” and “knowledgeable” are the  words they use most often to describe her, and she is devoted to what is fair and just in each individual circumstance.

Reported Cases:
Sehovic v. Gadzic, 2015 ONSC 4099 – Contesting previous custody and child support orders.
Pearson v. Poulin, 2016 ONSC 3707, 2016 CarswellOnt 11368

Maria Margarita (Margie) L. Primero