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Danica Milutinovic

Law Clerk

Danica was appointed as a Judge in her native Yugoslavia in 1989 (but you don’t have to bow or anything, and she doesn’t wear a powdered wig – we promise.) She graduated from the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade in 1980 and was called to the Yugoslavian Bar in 1982. In the mid-90s, she moved to Toronto and worked with the Ontario Criminal Court followed by a stint at the Canada Life Insurance Company. She has been a Senior Law Clerk in Family Law since 1998.

Before Danica became a self-professed “book worm,” she was a bit of a jock. At the age of seven, she became interested in gymnastics and volleyball, but when her high school physical education teacher saw that she had “excess energy,” she was signed up for the handball team. Before she knew it, she was in a state handball competition. But her professional career in sports ended at age 20 when a doctor (a decidedly mean doctor) told her parents that she had hurt her leg during volleyball practice. And that was it.

Luckily, she found a new passion not long after and became immersed in law. She can’t get enough and says that law is in her blood. In fact, she has watched just about every movie that has anything to do with lawyers and criminal investigations. Danica could probably write a few scripts herself. During her years as a lawyer, she worked on many strange and interesting cases. But don’t think she’s without a softer side – her favorite movies are Casablanca and Imitation of Life.

Danica prides herself on being a “hand-holding” kind of person – the type who is especially sensitive to the feelings that people go through in family law situations. But she’s also a perfectionist and very detail-oriented, so she’ll go over every aspect of your case carefully and meticulously. (Oh, and if you speak Serbian, she has that covered, too!)

Danica Milutinovic