Natacha Leite


Natacha is tough and strong on her clients’ behalf. But, when the day is done, she is fun and easy to be around. She is tireless when it comes to taking care of her clients, and she’s so devoted to family law, that she can’t imagine doing anything else.

Natacha’s stats are impressive. She’s originally from Montreal where she attended the prestigious private school, Marianopolis College, and she was accepted into law school without even getting an undergraduate degree. That certainly doesn’t happen to everyone! Natacha went on to the National Law Program at the University of Ottawa, but she didn’t stop there. She graduated with not one, but two law degrees, one in civil law (LL.L), and a common law (LL.B). She was called to the Ontario Bar in January, 2004.

If you speak Portuguese or French, Natacha can converse with you, as she is fluent in both languages (besides English, of course). She is active in several Portuguese causes and fundraisers and she is a member of the Portuguese Lawyer’s Association.

In her spare time, Natacha loves to be with her family. She has two young sons and a huge extended family. In fact, her mother has seven brothers and sisters, who are never too far away. Fighting to get her opinions heard is always a challenge with this clan. But, what great preparation for a family law lawyer!

Natacha’s dedication to law in general, and family law in particular, is what sets her apart from others in her profession. You couldn’t ask for a more passionate advocate.

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Reported Cases:
Rofail v. Naguib, 2012 ONSC 931
Matter dealt with exclusive possession of the matrimonial home, child sharing arrangements and child support.
Rofail v. Naguib, 2012 ONSC 2117 – Matter dealt with exclusive possession of the matrimonial home and child sharing arrangements.
Guerreiro v. Guerreiro, 2016 ONSC 2367 – Matter to seek full indemnity costs and disbursements from the counsel of a third party.
Q. v. S., 2016 ONSC 7447 – Matter dealt with income disclosure for self-employed father in order to address support issues.

Natacha Leite