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Esther Parks

Office Manager

If it ever seems to you that Esther is in a rush, it’s not because she is late. It’s just that moving quickly is simply in her DNA.

An avid runner now, Esther has always been quite the athlete. In school, she gravitated towards and competed in many track & field events, played basketball throughout junior high and high school and then even on teams in her local community basketball league. Not content just to play the game, Esther has also coached girls’ basketball.

Not convinced yet? Well then how about this: Esther also happens to hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Recreation Administration from the University of Alberta. Now that’s commitment!

Esther has three teenage daughters whom she absolutely loves to pieces. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that two of them are devoted “Swifties”. Yes, when it comes to Taylor Swift, there is no place too distant to travel in order to see their singing hero, including New York City in December 2014 when she appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman.

To her role of Office Manager, Esther brings, not only a wealth of knowledge and experience from her previous positions, but also her easy going and kind disposition. Great attributes when you’re trying to get everyone to pull together. And she does it all with her characteristic smile!

Esther Parks