Carolyn Warner


If you were to judge Carolyn solely by the shows & movies that she views, you’d likely be way off base. Still, her fondness for Mean Girls, How to Get Away with Murder, and The Sopranos, really makes you stop and think…doesn’t it?

Originally from Toronto and an ardent Blue Jays’ fan, Carolyn has earned quite a few accolades throughout her academic career. First at York University where she received both an entrance scholarship and graduated cum laude. When studying law, she received the prestigious Mary Anne Sanderson Award from the University of Windsor Law School for “outstanding ability in oral advocacy”. In an ironic twist, that phrase is actually quite difficult to say ten times fast.

Carolyn loves to travel, but one might suspect that her motives are more gastronomic than geographic in nature. A self-described ‘foodie’, she can frequently be seen sampling at the best steak houses in the GTA as well as abroad. In fact, so passionate are she and her husband about great steaks, they once drove all the way down to New York City just to satisfy their craving and supped at the famous Strip House.

Her travels have taken her far and wide. Traversing Europe, enjoying stops throughout the U.S. and even landing at many exotic ports around the Caribbean Sea. But give her a beach, a lounge chair, a strawberry daiquiri and a book, and any place can be her temporary oasis.

On one trip to Miami, Carolyn and her friend once spotted Shaquille O’Neil exiting a restaurant. Although he didn’t linger long enough for either an autograph or a selfie, he did hear his name called and, ever the consummate celebrity, gave them a big smile and a wave. It’s amazing that a man that big can get away…er…move so fast! As extensive as her travels have been, hiking Machu Picchu one day still remains very high on her “bucket list”.

Always approachable, Carolyn prides herself on providing her clients with both empathy and sound advice. Indeed, as a fully trained collaborative law lawyer, her clients appreciate her positive attitude and people-centered approach to Family Law. Consistently focused on resolving differences amicably, clients also know that they can count on Carolyn to be assertive when necessary and to always protect their rights.

Reported Cases:
Calabrese v. Stokes, 2013 ONSC 5930 – 
Case dealt with the sale of the matrimonial home, child/spousal support and child access.

Carolyn Warner