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Social media outlets, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others, can spell disaster during your divorce. Not only might your spouse, your kids or your spouse’s friends be looking – but your spouse’s Toronto divorce lawyer might be looking, too.

Privacy First

Your own Toronto divorce lawyer will likely tell you that it’s fine to use social media sites. However, some sites, like Facebook, allow you to restrict others’ access to your page; during your divorce, you should make all your social media pages as private as possible.

Dirty Laundry on Social Media:
What Your Toronto Divorce Lawyer May Have to Say

Generally, it’s a good idea to keep your personal business to yourself. Your Toronto divorce lawyer may tell you to keep all news of your divorce fairly quiet (and refrain from tweeting, updating your status or otherwise telling people what’s going on through social media). That’s because the things you say about your soon-to-be ex might be used against you in court.

Most Toronto divorce lawyers have seen cases in which the parties are extremely hostile to one another – and your own lawyer will want you to avoid a tough situation like that.

The New “Significant Other” on Social Media

During your divorce, you may be seeing someone special. However, social media sites are not the right place to advertise it. Without your Toronto divorce lawyer’s go-ahead, you may be seeing someone prematurely, and that could affect your case. Don’t post photos, make comments or otherwise state that you’ve found someone new without consulting your Toronto divorce lawyer to make sure it’s okay.

Your Kids and Your Social Media Accounts

Aside from things your Toronto divorce lawyer tells you will affect your case, think about your kids: many parents list their children as “friends” on social media sites, and if you do, your kids have access to all the pictures you upload and all the comments you make. Saying nasty things about your spouse, posting photos of you and your new significant other, or otherwise commenting on your divorce may negatively affect your children.

Cleaning up Your Profiles

As your divorce progresses, your Torontodivorce lawyer may suggest that you clean up your social media profiles. That’s because if someone does gain access – such as through a friend of a friend – they may find things that will have a negative effect on your case.

It makes sense to go back over your social media profiles on your own (and even if your Toronto divorce lawyer doesn’t say anything about social media) and delete anything that may compromise your divorce proceedings.

If you aren’t sure whether certain photos, comments or status updates are bad for your case, ask your Toronto divorce lawyer. However, if something is questionable, you should probably delete it and move on.

Social media sites are fine to use during your divorce – but don’t let overuse or misuse jeopardize your case.

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