Removal of Counsel from Record in Family Law Proceedings

The Ontario Superior Court recently commented on interference with a party’s choice of counsel in family law disputes, and dismissed a request to remove counsel from the record. What Happened? The parties signed a separation agreement a number of years ago, and a divorce was later granted in 2007. Both parties were now seeking variations …

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Do Step-Parents Have a Child Support Obligation?

The basic principles of child support with respect to a biological parent’s obligation to pay are relatively straight-forward:  the non-custodial parent is obligated to pay child support to the custodial parent in an amount determined by a formula.  Issues of custody (shared, sole, etc.) and issues surrounding the financial needs and means of the parties are often …

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Does Spousal Support Terminate When the Payor Retires?

Retirement and a Consequent Income Reduction In Schulstad v. Schulstad, the Court of Appeal for Ontario rendered a decision on an appeal of an order terminating the husband’s obligations to continue to pay spousal support and maintain life insurance for the wife’s benefit past the husband’s retirement date. Prior to his retirement, Mr. Schulstad worked as a general surgeon …

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How Much is Too Much?

How much money is too much money to spend battling your ex?  How much time is too much time to spend battling your ex?  How much conflict is too much conflict to endure while you battle your ex? A Cautionary Tale for Parents M. v. F., a 2015 decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal, …

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But What About Buddy!

Treating your pet as if they were part of the family has become the status quo in North American homes.  However, in the context of divorce, what do the Courts have to say on the subject? Recently, Justice R.W. Danyliuk of the Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan, in the Saskatoon Family Division decided to tighten …

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