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Successful Co-Parenting With Your Ex

In 2020, roughly 2.71 million people filed for a legal divorce in Canada. The number has been steadily rising since 2000, when 1.88 million people filed for divorce in the country. With the increasing number of divorcees in Canada, more and more children are becoming victims of broken homes. Additionally, co-parenting can also be a …

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Where Does Mediation Fit in the Divorce Process?

After deciding to end your marriage, the real work towards doing so begins.  For some, the immediate step is to obtain legal representation and begin to communicate with your soon-to-be ex-spouse through lawyers. However, prior to your case ending up in court, you will have the opportunity to decide if mediation may be a good …

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Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter and What It Does

If you or your current partner previously had a divorce from a former marriage and the divorce was done outside Canada, you will be needing a Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter before you can marry each other in Ontario, Canada. Note that this may also apply in case of “annulment of marriage” obtained from a foreign …

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Divorce During COVID-19

Divorce may sound straightforward, but it’s not easy for a couple to decide to end their marriage. Sometimes, privately dealing with the issues in the married couple’s relationship helps in sorting out matters.  Admittedly, this may even aid in fixing the marriage.Unfortunately, most of the time, the problem within the marriage still persists and the …

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Impact of Divorce on Family Business

Divorce and business ownership are probably two of the things that are farthest from the minds of couples who recently got married. However, if you and your spouse are running a business together, you need to learn how to protect your business from divorce. This is a practical move that will prevent problems in the …

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Cancelling Child Support

If you want to learn how to cancel child support, you should first understand what it is and what it covers in Toronto, Ontario. Child support is money paid by one parent to another as assistance for child care, which includes food, clothing, schooling, transportation, housing, and other basic needs. The child support guidelines govern …

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How to Protect Your Inheritance from Divorce

Generally speaking, inheritance is a treasured thing by the one receiving it.  We can even say that this is a part or the entire legacy of the person from whom the inheritance came from. Whether or not you value the inheritance that you received, we can agree that the money or property that you inherited …

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