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Oakville Family Law Lawyers

The family is the rock on which you build your life. You do everything you can to protect your family, and it seems nothing else can be more important. When everything is going well, your family is the source of all your happiness. When you first commit to a relationship, whether in marriage or a …

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Reopening a Family Law Trial

Discover what you need to do and consider when reopening a family court case in Ontario. Book a consultation with Gelman & Associates today.

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How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce

Each year, thousands of children are told their parents are going to divorce. Of course, no one goes into a marriage thinking that it will end, and no one willingly has children just to put them through a divorce. That said, sometimes it is unavoidable. While it often comes with devastation and heartbreak, divorce can …

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Child Relocation: Everything You Need to Know

Child custody and access are often significant issues when parents separate or divorce. It becomes even more complicated when one parent wants to move further away from the other parent with the child. Canadian courts typically favour a parenting plan where both parents have equal time with a child. However, that can become a problem …

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Contested Divorce

A divorce is always difficult for everyone involved, especially if there are children. The emotional impact of a failed marriage is unavoidable, even when the separation is amicable. However, when there is a conflict between spouses, which is usually the case, the road to divorce becomes much rougher. The usual result is a contested divorce. …

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Parent Visitation Rights

In divorce proceedings, the court usually awards child custody to one of the parents. This limits the other parent to only having visitation rights.  In some cases, both parents are able to reach an agreement by themselves on which one should get custody. This is the more amicable route.  However, it is also common for …

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Parental Child Abduction

A contentious relationship between spouses or partners after divorce or separation can often lead to getting back at each other. In cases where there are children involved, custody usually becomes the focus of disagreements. While most parents choose to battle it out in court, some will simply take the child or children and hide them …

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