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Common Terms in Family Law

Many of the words utilized in family law practice are foreign to someone who’s just starting the divorce process. Here are a few popular Family law terms and definitions for those who feel they might need a refresher. Common Terms in Family Law Access 01 A parent’s right to see and be visited by children …

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Tips for Single Father Parenting

Single parents, particularly single fathers, face several problems. Children of single parents frequently witness emotions that they wouldn’t see if their parents shared a home. Whether you lose your husband and your children’s mother via death, divorce, or desertion, adapting to the new reality is a life-changing and challenging endeavor.  When you’re a single dad, …

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An Overview on Family Law Court Orders

Family is the basis for society, but sometimes things can get very tough within families too. This is why the family law courts are there. They are the final arbiter when things get too complicated for families to manage. Specific rulings made by judges are called court orders, and these set out what particular parties …

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Co-Parenting Arrangements During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all individuals, families, and businesses. Whether you’ve lost a loved one or lost your job, this virus has impacted different aspects of people’s lives on a massive scale.  One of the key impacts COVID-19 has had has been on families structured to have co-parenting duties shared between parents.  As you …

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Is Social Media Safe for Your Kids?

Are you struggling to find balance between providing your kids with the best and latest things in life while trying to save your children from being swallowed by the trends and demands of social media and peer pressure? Well, you’re not alone. With each new child suicide case caused by cyberbullying or every new case …

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A Guide For New Parents on How To Write A Living Will

Making a living will is probably not as much fun as filling up a baby registry when you’re a new parent. It might, however, be the first step toward becoming a parent. There’s no right or wrong moment to prepare a living will. Even so, putting one together as soon as possible, especially if you …

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Questions to Ask Yourself if You’re Considering Adoption

Adoption of older children is in high demand in Canada. It’s an excellent method to start or expand your family. You’ll be working closely with private adoption practitioners or an agency if you consider a private adoption.  Because every private adoption agency in Ontario is licensed to work throughout the province, making a decision might …

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Navigating Child Custody During the Pandemic

As with all aspects of our lives, COVID-19 has forced us to adjust to new ways of living. It’s made us redefine our “normal.” And for those already navigating the challenges of co-parenting, learn what our pandemic boundaries are when it comes to our children and estranged spouses. The struggle to find a parenting arrangement …

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What Are the Child Custody Rights of Unmarried Parents?

Children are frequently the most important issue for spouses through a separation or divorce. Custody, visitation, and child support issues are usually difficult to resolve, and when parents are divorced, those same issues of custody, visitation, and child support become considerably more problematic.  In some cases, the child custody decision might be reached peacefully by …

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Warning Signs of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence isn’t often as clear as it appears. Domestic violence is about dominating someone’s thoughts and emotions just as much as it is about injuring them physically. Being assaulted might leave you feeling terrified and perplexed.  You may find it difficult to perceive your partner’s acts for what they are. Physical abuse isn’t often …

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