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Things can become pretty hectic during divorce, and it’s not always easy to keep track of time. You’re running between work, school and extracurricular activities with very little time to sit down and organize your thoughts – let alone your paperwork.

However, your Aurora divorce lawyer might suggest that you set up some kind of a system that helps you stay organized through this difficult (and often time-consuming) process.

But where are you supposed to start?

How to Stay Organized (and Help Your Lawyer) During Your Divorce

If you and your Aurora divorce lawyer primarily communicate through email, you have a head start; simply create a folder and funnel all of your messages into it.

When it comes to other documentation that you and your lawyer share, it’s helpful to create a file folder system that you keep in a safe place (but out of reach of little ones who may be too curious for their own good). Your lawyer might also request certain paperwork from you, including:

While you can’t predict everything your lawyer will need, you can get a good start by gathering everything you think he or she will ask for during your divorce proceedings.

Files and Folders: What to Use

A handful of manila file folders is a great start. Group your documents together according to three categories: finances; kids; and property. You might also want to set up a folder where you’ll put documents your lawyer requests – that way, when you have a meeting, you can simply grab the entire folder and head out without worrying about forgetting something.

If your lawyer does request paperwork, he or she will probably simply make copies and return the originals to you. The key to good organization is following a routine; that means each time you have a divorce-related paper in your hand, you file it immediately so you don’t lose track.

In most cases, your lawyer won’t need everything you’ve filed – but what’s the worst that can happen? You have a clearly documented set of files and a system for moving forward; it’s a win-win situation.