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From time to time, children are unable to live with one or both of their birth parents either due to significant hardships or due to an inherent inability to adequately and wholly care for them. When this occurs, adoption in Toronto is a viable alternative. An alternative that  ensures the child(ren) will be embraced by a welcoming family; a family that yearns for children and has the ability to look after them properly. If you want to know more about the process of adoption in Toronto, read on.

What is Adoption?

Adoption is the legal means by which people can permanently take on the responsibility of caring for and raising a child.

In Toronto and within Ontario, there are four ways a child can be adopted:

  • either by an immediate family member or a step-parent;
  • through various childrens aid societies;
  • through a licensed individual or private adoption agency; or
  • through a recognized licensed international adoption agency with offices in the province.

Read our guide to learn more about the adoption process in Ontario, Canada.

Learn More About Adoption in Ontario

What Factors Do the Courts Consider During the Adoption Process?

Regardless of the path taken to adopt a child, the Court’s primary goal will be to assess and support the best interests, safety and well-being of the children, who will technically also adopt a family in Toronto in the process.

This assessment is based on a variety of factors such as:

  • the child’s physical, emotional and mental needs;
  • the child’s cultural and religious background;
  • the child’s relationships with blood relatives; and
  • the child’s own requests.
  • Things to Do When Adopting

    • Educate yourself about child adoption
    • Work with an accredited adoption organization/ social worker
    • Follow the proper application process

  • Things Not to Do When Adopting

    • Don’t accept an abandoned child without a court order/adoption order.
    • Don’t rush the process. Adoption agencies spend a lot of time screening potential adoptive parents. Be patient.
    • Don’t deal directly with a birth parent without a social worker.

Although it is always incumbent on the adoptive family to familiarize themselves with the process of adoption in Ontario, we have adoption lawyers here at Gelman & Associates who are well-equipped and ready to assist you in navigating the adoptions process.

Pro Tip

If you’re looking to adopt a child from abroad, you should consider the processes and legalities that you might encounter.


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A home study is the first step in the adoption process. This process involves the assessment of your skills as a potential adoptive parent, and it is a tool designed to prepare you for the responsibilities of an adoptive parent. You need to finish this process to get your adoption approved.

Adoption is a lifelong commitment, while foster care is a short-term or temporary arrangement that involves assigning a child to a family while the child’s parents undergo counseling. Even though the primary goal of foster care is to reunite the child with their parents, in some cases, the foster parents may end up adopting the child they have fostered.

Open adoption is when the biological mother and the adoptive family exchange information about each other. The amount of information shared between the two parties is discussed, including swapping photos, legal histories, and even visits. This is the opposite of closed adoption, which until recently was the adoption standard.

Yes, it can be challenging to adopt in Canada. As of now, there are five ways you can adopt in the country, and each of them has its own complicated process that you should undergo.

Yes, you can adopt when you’re older, and it’s worth noting that agencies can’t legally on age. As of now, more people are willing to adopt in the later years of their life.

Yes, you can still adopt if you have a mental illness as long you know how to nurture a child’s demands. Having a disability does not prevent you from becoming an adoptive parent.

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