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Celebrities are in the limelight all the time, when times are good and when times are bad. With recent news of a Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne split despite being seen recently in a York Region drive-in, as well as two different paths for Neil Young and Pegi Morton Young, there’s a good opportunity for us to figure out how celebrity divorces are different from the rest of our divorces – and in most cases, what we learn is what not to do.

Your Aurora divorce lawyer has probably already given you plenty of sage advice about keeping the peace with your ex and avoiding fighting in front of your children – but what else is there?

What Celebrity Divorces Don’t Teach Us

Celebrity divorces are all over the news, and what we see is all of the strife. We see the arguments and name-calling, the bad behaviour (such as Heather Mills dumping a pitcher of water on Sir Paul McCartney’s lawyer), and everything else that we want to avoid.

What doesn’t make it to the news? Cooperation. Avoidance of fights. Putting the kids first.

There are two types of divorce: successful and unsuccessful. Which do you want?

A Successful Divorce vs. an Unsuccessful Divorce

While no divorce is perfect (just like no marriage is perfect), there are those that go more smoothly than others do. When both parties realize that there’s no point in dragging each other down while ending the marriage, it tends to end successfully.

A successful divorce is simply one that leaves both parties (and the children, if there are any) reasonably content with the outcome. Sure, there are huge changes involved when it comes to child custody and the division of your marital property. However, turning your divorce into a give-and-take partnership is the best way to ensure that you come out of it emotionally intact.

An unsuccessful divorce drags on for a significant amount of time, and everyone involved is subjected to even more stress and unhappiness. Fighting over custody and finances virtually guarantees that someone will win and someone will lose – and in many cases, the children are the ones who pay the ultimate price.

Seeing celebrity divorces on the news is inevitable, but what we take from them is up to us. It’s usually a good idea to see what they’re doing and decide to do the opposite – and your Aurora divorce lawyer will probably agree.

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