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When Your Ex Crosses the Line with Daily DramaWhen your soon-to-be ex thrives on drama, every day can seem like an endless stream of torment. Whether you’re getting angry phone calls, harassing text messages or personal messages from your ex through your children, it’s never easy to deal with someone who specializes in creating drama everywhere he or she goes.

Dramatic people often find it easier to see the negative (and to highlight it) than the positive; they generally dominate conversations and turn everything into a raging battle with themselves as the centerpiece. Is there anything you can do, or will you just need to let your ex’s theatrics run their course?

When Your Ex Crosses the Line with Daily Drama

No matter which one of you decided to talk to a Barrie divorce lawyer first, or whose “fault” your divorce is, nobody deserves to deal with a barrage of drama. Make sure you let your lawyer know if your ex is harassing you, threatening you or becomes physically violent toward you or your children at any time.

If your ex is using your children to communicate with you, your lawyer needs to know right away. That’s not emotionally healthy for anyone involved, and it can cause kids unnecessary psychological trauma.

Dealing with a Dramatic Ex

Your Barrie divorce lawyer will probably advise you to keep the peace as best you can. If that means ignoring text messages, phone calls or emails (as long as you don’t need to communicate about the children), then it’s probably a good idea to do so.

When your ex tries to engage you with face-to-face drama, try not to participate. Of course, that’s easier said than done. However, it’s important that you avoid giving your ex any ammunition that can be used against you. Keeping the peace serves another purpose, too: when you act nicely toward your spouse, regardless of what he or she does, it’s easier to negotiate things such as how you’ll agree to divide your personal property and child custody agreements.

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