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Divorce is a monumental life change; some people consider it a complete switch in direction. While it’s normal to grieve the loss of your marriage, even before you talk to a Barrie divorce lawyer, it’s also normal to see it as a springboard for self-transformation. Rather than focusing on the end of your marriage, you might choose to use the strong emotions you’re experiencing to make even more positive changes in your life.

The Pressures of Divorce

From the moment you choose to talk to a Barrie divorce lawyer, you’ll probably be under immense pressure—both internal and external. Your internal pressures might come from self-doubt (“Did I make the right choice?”), a desire to be the best parent you can be during this tough time, or from regret over spending so much time working on your marriage. External pressures might include constant fighting with your ex, trying to work out a fair custody arrangement and equitable division of property, or the struggles you face managing your everyday life while going through your divorce.

All this pressure can produce overwhelming amounts of stress, but remember: pressure creates diamonds. When you come out of this, you’re going to be stronger and more capable. You’re learning new things every step of the way, including how versatile you can be when you need to be. You’re establishing a new level of self-reliance and realizing your full potential.

Forming New, Healthier Habits

When a marriage ends, your day-to-day life inevitably changes. Whether you’ve moved to a new home (always check with your Barrie divorce lawyer before moving out of your matrimonial home to make sure it won’t affect your case), you’ve had to start a new job or you’re adjusting to spending less time with your kids, you can take this time to get to know the real you—the one that was put on the back burner while you worked on your marriage.

You can now explore your own interests, make new friends, and start doing things you’d like to do. Some people choose to hit the books and head back to school; others pound the pavement in a pair of running shoes. Others decide to pursue a long-lost favourite hobby, and some just get to know themselves.

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

If you’re having a hard time coping with all these changes, you’re definitely in the majority. However, sometimes it’s helpful to talk to an impartial third party. If you feel like you could use a little boost, ask your Barrie divorce lawyer if he or she can refer you to a local counselor who’s trained in divorce and can help you move on in a healthy, productive way.

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