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If you’re like most people, your divorce will probably be packed with emotion. Sometimes you might feel like you’ve failed, while other times you might even relish the thought of starting over on your own. But which is it: a failure or a fresh start? What’s the healthiest way to look at it?

What Psychologists Say about Divorce

It’s widely known, and has been for quite a while, that excess stress isn’t good for anyone. Stress from fighting with your spouse, work and general dissatisfaction with your life can be extremely unhealthy; it can even lead to severe health issues if you don’t handle it quickly and correctly.

If your marriage is the source of most of your stress, it makes sense to look for a way out. You might be thinking about visiting a Barrie divorce lawyer or you may have already filed paperwork that will lead to the dissolution of your marriage. Either way, most psychologists agree that you’re more capable of achieving both mental and physical health when you’re not under constant stress.

Your Perspective Matters

Some days, it’s really tough to see your divorce as a “fresh start,” particularly if you didn’t want to divorce or you’re having a difficult time adjusting to your new situation. It might be a good idea to ask your Barrie divorce lawyer for a referral to a professional therapist in your area. He or she can help you gain fresh perspective and work through this tough time.

Starting Over: What Your Barrie Divorce Lawyer Might Say

Generally, once people realize divorce is the chance for a fresh start, they’re eager to get started. However, your Barrie divorce lawyer might advise you to put on the brakes, particularly when it comes to:

  • Dating. Your Barrie divorce lawyer will probably advise you to keep your toes out of the dating pool, at least until your divorce is complete, because your love life could affect your case.
  • Moving. Although you might be excited about getting a new apartment, condo or house across town, your lawyer might want you to look at the big picture before making changes in your living situation.
  • Changing jobs. Talk to your Barrie divorce lawyer before you change jobs, particularly if you’ll be receiving a different salary. A new job might affect child support or spousal support in your case.
  • Making major purchases. You might truly need to purchase a new car, a new couch or household items… but your lawyer might advise you to wait until you have a better grasp on your new financial situation first.

A New Chapter

Divorce is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Your Barrie divorce lawyer will handle the legal aspects of your case to help you prepare for the future. Together with your ex, you’ll work out a child custody agreement and attempt to fairly divide your marital property so that your whole family can get the fresh start you all deserve.

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