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In some marriages, only one party wants a divorce. If it’s not you, the news can be earth-shattering. When your spouse says he or she wants a divorce, it might come as a total shock. Is there anything you can do about it? Should you call a Barrie divorce lawyer? What will you do next?

Your First Step

Before you do anything, call a Barrie divorce lawyer. Even if you find yourself saying, “I am not the one that wants the divorce,” you’ll probably need to consult with a lawyer who can help you get a clear picture of your situation.

What Can You Do if Your Spouse Wants a Divorce?

There are five things you should do before you even think about getting a divorce. One of them is to contact a Barrie divorce lawyer. Your lawyer might suggest that you and your spouse try marriage counseling to make sure it’s the right decision, and he or she may even be able to recommend a qualified professional in your area.

If your spouse is adamant about getting a divorce and won’t consider reconciliation, you’ll have to start working with your Barrie divorce lawyer to formulate a plan.

Dealing with Your Feelings

Although you’d rather stay married than get a divorce, it may be inevitable. It’s often helpful to talk to a therapist on your own, without your spouse, when you’re working through your own emotions and feelings about divorce. It’s natural to grieve the loss of your marriage, to be sad and to be angry (sometimes all at once) when you don’t want a divorce but your husband or wife does, so accept those feelings as part of the process and don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for having them.

If you and your spouse continue to live together after he or she has filed for divorce, talk to your Barrie divorce lawyer to determine who should move out and when. If you have children, try to determine what kind of custody arrangement will work best for your family. You might be entitled to child support or even spousal support, and your Barrie divorce lawyer will be able to help you get what you are entitled to.

Where to Turn for Advice

Only your Barrie divorce lawyer can give you legal advice that applies to your case. However, your parents, friends and other relatives might have valuable insights on dealing with your feelings and can often pull together to support you during this tough time. You can also ask your Barrie divorce lawyer to point you toward a local counselor or therapist with a good reputation if you’re having a hard time finding one on your own.

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