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Divorce can be an emotional roller coaster for both parties, whether it was a one-sided decision or a mutual choice to split. While it’s normal to experience a wide range of emotions, new personal boundaries arise during divorce—and unfortunately, some people fail to recognize them. If your ex is harassing you, you’ll need to let your Barrie divorce lawyer know right away.

What Counts as Harassment?

Generally, unwanted phone calls, visits and other types of contact can be considered harassment. Of course, you and your ex will need to communicate about your kids or to coordinate plans. In most cases, however, regular social interaction stops during divorce.

If your ex sends you text messages, emails or messages through social media sites that cross the line or make you uncomfortable, it could be considered harassment. Likewise, if your ex shows up at your home or at your place of employment uninvited, especially with the intent of arguing with you or causing problems, you’ll need to involve your Barrie divorce lawyer.

How to Get Your Ex to Stop Harassing You During Divorce

Your Barrie divorce lawyer might suggest that you start by asking your ex to leave you alone. Sometimes a simple statement, such as “I feel like you’re harassing me and it’s making me uncomfortable” can help; it’s not uncommon for former spouses to have a hard time adjusting to your new boundaries. However, it’s not a guarantee—and if asking nicely doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to rely on your Barrie divorce lawyer’s experience with the law to get your ex to stop harassing you.

Legal Routes: How Your Barrie Divorce Lawyer Can Help

Your lawyer might be able to have a discussion with your ex’s lawyer to help stop the harassment. If that doesn’t work, he or she might be able to pursue legal action that will force your ex to leave you alone—however, every situation is unique, and only your Barrie divorce lawyer can provide you with legal advice and guidance based on what will work best for you.

When You Should Call Your Barrie Divorce Lawyer

If your ex threatens you, intimidates you or becomes physically violent with you, get to a safe place and notify the police immediately. Once that’s handled, call your Barrie divorce lawyer and provide as many details as you can. Your lawyer will be able to help you find the resources you need and give you advice that’s perfectly tailored to your situation.

You should also let your lawyer know if your ex is harassing you in any other way. If possible, keep track of instances of harassment in a journal, print out emails or save voicemail messages and texts; that way, you can give your lawyer all the details he or she needs to help alleviate the situation.

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