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Everyday activities can seem like monumental tasks during your divorce – especially when you and your ex seem to be in constant disagreement. You’re constantly worrying about what your ex does or says, how the kids are coping with all the stress and how the entire case is going to turn out; that makes focusing on work (or looking for work) seem almost impossible. If you aren’t currently working, your Barrie divorce lawyer may suggest you start looking for a job during your divorce. Avoid making any changes in your work schedule or your employment status until you have consulted a Barrie divorce lawyer.

Getting a Job During Your Divorce

In many Canadian households, only one spouse holds a job outside the home – and during a divorce, the previously unemployed spouse is often forced to find work. If you have been out of work for some time, there are several ways to improve your chances of getting a job you’ll be glad to have.

  • Don’t put restrictions on yourself. Just because you’ve always had a certain type of job doesn’t mean that you have to stick to that field; likewise, you don’t have to get a job you dislike because you have a degree in the field. Your divorce is the ideal time for a fresh start – and your Barrie divorce lawyer will probably advise you to do what you want to do instead of what you feel you have to do.
  • Network like you mean it. Tell your family and friends you’re looking, because according to, between 70 and 80 percent of jobs aren’t even advertised.
  • Update your resume. Highlight all the experience you’ve gained over the past several years at home; things you’ve done for your kids’ schools, your spouse’s company or other activities all required your unique talents, and those belong on your resume. Be sure to have someone look it over for spelling, grammar mistakes and typos before you start passing it around.

Focusing on Work During Your Divorce

Your Barrie divorce lawyer has probably worked with several clients in the past who have experienced the same difficulties focusing on work as you might be now. However, you’ll probably need to keep your job far into the future – so staying focused is exactly what you need to do. Besides, staying focused on your job will take the emphasis off your divorce.

While you’re at work, minimize all distractions. Switch the radio off, log out of your social networking sites and stop hanging around the water cooler. You have enough running through your mind, like the running list of things you need to tell your Barrie divorce lawyer, and it’s best to tune out as many distractions as possible.

Sometimes taking a little personal time to decompress is all you need; when you get home from work, treat yourself right. Soak in a hot bath, get lost in a good book or spend some time outdoors.

Rely on your Barrie divorce lawyer to handle the details. While you should discuss all aspects of your case with your lawyer, remember that he or she is a professional… so leave your case in your Barrie divorce lawyer’s capable hands while you work.

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