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What to Do When You Miss Your ChildrenWhen you’re a divorced parent, missing your kids is just par for the course. Naturally, knowing that doesn’t make you feel any less lonely when they’re not with you—but it can help you keep things in perspective until you see them again.

You may feel like there’s a part of you missing when your children are with your ex, so what can you do to pass the time and make things a little easier on yourself?

Indulge in Some “Me” Time

When you worked with your Barrie divorce lawyer and your ex to develop a child custody agreement, you may not have known how quiet the house would be when the kids were gone—but quiet can be good now and then. If you don’t have laundry to do (or if the pile isn’t too big), work to catch up on or other pressing obligations, let yourself relax.

Now might be the perfect time to start the book that’s been gathering dust on your shelf, pull the weeds out of the garden or just curl up for a quick nap. If you’re having a hard time adjusting, like many parents do, consider visiting a local therapist who can help you work through your feelings so you can be an even better parent when they are with you.

Make Kid-Friendly Plans

Lots of parents use time without the kids to make plans… for the kids. Whether you’re putting together a family fun day, setting up the next week’s schedule or coming up with creative ideas you can use to solidify your parent-child bonds, focusing on making your kids happy is a great way to pass the time when they’re away.

Do Something for Your Children

When you have down time, use it to create memory books; write letters that detail things you’ve done together and tuck them away in a box they’ll discover years from now; work on the tree house you’ve been meaning to build. Some people even choose to get pets that the whole family will love.

While it’s never easy to be separated from your children, even for a short period of time, remember that it’s not forever. When they come home, you can get back to enjoying their goofy smiles, their messy rooms and their cute quips.


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