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If you’re like most parents, you want to make time with your kids extra-special. Whether the custody agreement you have crafted with your Barrie divorce lawyer says that the kids are with you every weekend, every other weekend or one weekend a month, you probably try to pack in as much quality interaction as possible. Some parents go all-out, filling each day with high-dollar activities such as amusement parks and big parties—but most psychologists say that’s not necessary. In fact, it might send your kids the wrong message.

Less is More

Going overboard with fun (and costly) activities might send your kids the message that you’re trying to buy their affections. Worse, you might be teaching them the wrong lessons about money.

What your kids want most is quality time with you. Something as simple as turning off your phone and making a fort out of sofa cushions and bed sheets can have a bigger impact than any weekend getaway or expensive activity. If your kids are too big for family room forts, chatting over pizza and ice cream or learning the finer points that differentiate your teens’ favourite bands can be an awesome experience for everyone involved.

Five Maximum Fun, Minimum Cost Activities in Barrie

Your Barrie divorce lawyer has a few tips on where to take the kids when you have cabin fever? We’ll rule out expensive activities to give your wallet a break.

  1. Delve into military history at the Grey and Simcoe Foresters Regimental Museum or the Base Borden Military Museum. Both are free, and both are fun!
  2. Weather-permitting, hit Centennial Beach and build a couple of sand castles or picnic in a public park. Skate in the Town Hall’s rink when temperatures dip below freezing.
  3. Work on your grip and control playing mini golf with the whole crew. Kids under 12 are $8.50 and everyone over 13 pays $10.50.
  4. Volunteer for a worthy cause, like maintaining the Carver Off-Leash Dog Park or something else that’s meaningful to your family.
  5. Sign up for classes at the Barrie YMCA or grab an ice cream cone in the food court.

It’s okay to splurge on expensive weekends with the kids—but keep it within reason. Your kids (and your wallet) will just appreciate having your full attention.