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If you want to learn how to cancel child support, you should first understand what it is and what it covers in Toronto, Ontario. Child support is money paid by one parent to another as assistance for child care, which includes food, clothing, schooling, transportation, housing, and other basic needs. The child support guidelines govern the amount that needs to be paid.

The responsibility to pay child support usually lasts until a child is no longer a dependent, even if there is a court order or a separation agreement that says when it ends. When your child is not a dependent anymore, you may have to contact the Family Responsibility Office (FRO) to know when exactly to end paying child support, as they are the ones that enforce the payments. 

So, if you would still like to know more about cancelling child support in Canada, the content that follows will provide more information that could help. You can also contact a child support lawyer in Toronto who can assist you.

How Support Payments Work in Toronto, Ontario

How Support Payments Work in Toronto, Ontario

In Ontario, when a court orders a parent to pay spousal or child support, this is automatically filed with the FRO.  A program of the Ontario government, the FRO collects, distributes, and enforces spousal and support payments to assist families in getting the support entitled to them. Therefore, the FRO collects the payments from the payors and sends these to the recipients. However, they do not make payments when a payor misses one, do not get involved in parenting time or decision-making responsibility issues, and don’t make changes to the terms of the support orders. 

If you wish to cancel child support and you are a resident of Ontario, then you can follow the steps below:

The First Step on Child Support Termination

Check the stipulations of your court order or separation agreement. See when you can stop paying child support payments. However, you are generally required to pay child support as long as your child is still a dependent. Children will remain as dependents until they turn 18 or until when they get married. Those who have illnesses or disabilities or are full-time students may remain as dependents even if they are already 18 years old or older.

The Second Step in Cancelling Child Support

Talk to your partner. You can both agree on when child support can end. You can either discuss this with your partner by yourself or with the help of a mediator or lawyer. When you agree on stopping child support payments, you can make a new child support agreement or get a new court order based on what you’ve agreed on.

  Additional Information on Child Support in Toronto, Ontario
How child support is calculated. Child support payments in Ontario are calculated based on the income of the payor, the province where he/she lives, and the number of children being supported.
How much child support a parent should get. The amount of child support payments a parent should be getting depends on the factors used by the Federal Child Support Guidelines. However, extraordinary or special expenses related to health, post-secondary education, and extra-curricular activities are not included in the standard calculations and are usually paid by both parents depending on their income.
How much child support a parent should pay. As mentioned above, this is calculated based on the Federal Child Support Guidelines. However, if a payor and a recipient cannot agree on the amount among themselves or with the assistance of a lawyer, then this matter could be determined by the family court.

You can ease your worries about how to cancel child support by asking a family lawyer from Gelman & Associates for help. They have a team who’s always willing to assist you when it comes to child support guidelines, so you will know exactly what to do.

Did You Know?

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) gets the most complaints among all the Ontario government organizations. With almost $2.1 billion in child support that remains uncollected, they get more than a thousand complaints every year.


The Third Step in How to Cancel Child Support

Contact the (FRO). You should not stop making child support payments until the FRO tells you to stop. The FRO will enforce the stipulations of a court order or separation agreement and will only stop asking you to make payments when the date or even mentioned has passed. If your court order or separation agreement does not say when payments should end, then you and your partner should agree when this should happen before the FRO will stop enforcing payments.

The Last Step in How to End Child Support

End child support by going to court. If you and your partner can’t reach an agreement as to when to end child support even with the help of a mediator or a child support lawyer, then you can bring a motion to change to the court. Through this, you will be asking a judge to change the stipulations on your court order or separation agreement. On your “motion to change”, you have to state why you believe your child is no longer a dependent. The reasons could include your child living with you or having a full-time job. It could also be that he/she has already finished school, is married, or moved out of town.

Get Help from a Family Lawyer in Toronto

You can contact a family lawyer in Toronto if you wish to know more about how to cancel child support. A lawyer will also be able to tell you the other factors that could convince a judge to change your court order or separation agreement as well as guide you through the steps mentioned above.

FAQs on Cancelling Child Support

You can contact the Family Responsibility Office (FRO). They can tell you if child support payments have been made or not. The office will be the one to send you the payments as soon as they receive them or use their authority to enforce payment.

The Family Responsibility Office (FRO) can tell you if your child support payments have either been canceled or just delayed. As they enforce support orders from the court, they will be able to inform you if there was just a delay in the payments or if changes were made to the court order or separation agreement, which stated the end of child support.

No. Parenting time and child support are different from each other. While it is a child’s right to be provided with financial support, it is also their right to spend time with their parents. If your partner has ended child support, he or she can still enjoy parenting time.

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