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Exercise is considered vital for maintaining mental fitness and reducing stress.

Studies have consistently shown that a good workout is effective in reducing fatigue, improving alertness and overall cognitive function. All of which can be advantageous while going through a divorce.

Perhaps you have heard: a healthy body, a healthy mind? Well, what happens when you exercise is that your body produces endorphins, which in turn help to reduce stress. Exercising on a regular basis can not only decrease your overall levels of tension, but it can elevate your mood and even improve your self-esteem. You’ll even sleep better while exercising on a consistent basis.

Use exercise as a tool to help you cope while going through your trying time. And remember, there is something out there for everyone, so please be sure to choose an activity or activities that you truly enjoy. This will certainly help you now and increases the likelihood that you will maintain your commitment to such a positive lifestyle change, long after your divorce has been finalized.

Merrill Collins is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. She can be reached at