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Tips for Choosing A Divorce Lawyer in Ontario

Even if divorce is common throughout the United States, the process differs depending on the couple’s situation. Most short-term marriages without property or children result in a less time-consuming and complicated divorce than long-term marriages with minor children, marital debt, and significant assets. Divorcing couples who work together to discuss the divorce terms, including spousal support, debt allocation, property division, child support, and child decision-making responsibilities, will have cheaper and easier proceedings than couples who refuse to or can’t work together.

What Is A Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce attorneys specialize in civil law, which can be filled with life-changing decisions and motions. Hence, they should handle a wide range of law issues delicately yet fairly, including visitation rights, child support, child decision-making responsibility, legal separation, marriage annulment, and divorce. Often, a divorce can take three to twelve months to finalize; however, it depends on how it’s filed. It can be a simplified, uncontested, contested, or no-fault divorce.

  • Your divorce lawyer in Ontario can explain the laws, rules, and methods involved and ensure that all necessary documents are completed and filed with the court. Likewise, the laws governing divorce and other family law matters differ by state. Your attorney should be familiar with the legal requirements of the jurisdiction where you’re filing the divorce.
  • Even simple divorces may not need a certified attorney. It’s especially true when there’s a high level of hatred and anger, preventing the couples from deciding on an agreement on their own. It may include:

Why Do You Need A Divorce Lawyer in Ontario?

Families dealing with these kinds of cases often wonder whether they should hire an Ontario divorce lawyer and if they need one. In dealing with complicated issues and lots of paperwork, people often hire experienced attorneys even if they’re not required. To explore the options you have, here are the different ways your lawyers can:

  • Advice on how to handle credit cards, bank accounts, marital property, and other marital assets
  • Guarantee of the process made concerning the stages of the proceeding, court trials, and disputes
  • Prepare and file all paperwork involved, such as the final divorce and child decision-making responsibility, visitation papers, motions, complaints, and summons.
  • Negotiate to deal with conflicts during the divorce process, such as arguments over property, disputes, and child decision-making responsibility
  • Represent you at all court proceedings

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Ontario Divorce Lawyer

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Ontario Divorce Lawyer

If you need a divorce lawyer in Toronto, you’re probably dealing with a pretty stressful situation. It can be overwhelming to look for the right lawyer, especially if you’ve never had to hire one before. Here are some helpful factors you should consider when you’re picking a divorce lawyer to assist you.

  • Experience and expertise

    • It’s important to consider the overall experience of the attorney or family law firm before hiring them. You might find it helpful to ask about how long they’ve been in the business, as well as how long their team has been practicing. You should ask them if they have experience in litigation and negotiation.


  • Referrals and recommendations

    • It’s easy for law firms to claim that they’re the best on their websites. Going a step further and reading reviews from previous clients is pretty useful. It’s common to ask the firm if they can provide references or testimonials.


  • Free consultations

    • Wills and estates, estate planning, power of attorneys, parenting time and decision-making responsibility laws, and divorce can quickly become too overwhelming. When the firm is confident of their expertise, they often offer free consultations. You’ll have the opportunity to talk to a certified lawyer about your unique circumstances. Even if you become a client or not, a reputable firm can determine the next steps.


  • Meet your needs

    • Each case needs a different level of expertise. Your attorney should have the skill to determine the basic needs of your case based on the details you’ve provided. Other issues may be resolved in a courtroom, but others require mediation. You can pick a Toronto divorce lawyer that best fits your needs by knowing what your situation is.


  • Meet your comfort level

    • Determine if you’re comfortable with the person you’re planning to work with before scheduling an appointment. Divorce is an emotional time of your life, so think about the kind of attorney you’d want to work with. What are your circumstances and needs? Does this person meet them? Your reputable lawyer is respectful and compassionate. It’ll be as if you were a friend instead of a big paycheck.


Types of Divorce Application in Ontario

Simple Uncontested Divorce Uncontested divorces are one where you don’t expect your spouse to disagree with any aspect of the proceeding or when they don’t respond to the court papers served on them. In these cases, you can represent yourself, but a lawyer is still helpful, especially if your spouse has one. Both sides should only file documents with the court to get an uncontested divorce. You and your spouse don’t have to appear in court.
Joint Uncontested Divorce Joint uncontested divorces are a procedure in which both sides file for divorce together instead of doing it separately. It saves them time by deciding on an agreement together before they go to court. Both sides should also agree to the full terms of the divorce before filing.
Divorce with other contested relief Divorces with other contested relief are when your spouse disagrees with anything in the case, such as financial support, child decision-making responsibility, the property division, and the divorce itself. It’s more complicated than an uncontested divorce. It’s best to let an attorney help you with a contested divorce.


If you are going through a divorce, you’d want to reach a resolution sooner rather than later. A lawyer who has the time to devote to your case can help you achieve it. Contact our Ontario divorce lawyers at Gelman & Associates today!

Pro Tip

All the research in the world is no substitute for meeting a potential lawyer in person. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free consultation.


Get In Touch With Our Divorce Lawyers in Ontario

Divorces change a person’s legal status. It doesn’t deal with the division of property, spousal and child support, child parenting time and decision-making responsibility, and other corollary issues that you should consider when filing for divorce. At Gelman & Associates, we offer legal representation during divorce and separation, tailored to our client’s unique circumstances. We’re understanding when representing our clients but also strict when necessary. Contact us today at  844-769-0737.

Tips for Choosing A Divorce Lawyer in Ontario FAQs

Usually, a simple divorce will take four to six months when matters such as property division and custody hearings are involved; however, complicated and contested ones that involve courtroom litigation can take longer. It’s helpful to hire a divorce lawyer so that you’re protected. If you’re basing your divorce on the grounds of abuse and adultery and the court is satisfied that the grounds exist, then your divorce can be granted immediately.

Full disclosure isn’t always helpful, but you should be transparent about everything if you’re discussing your case with your lawyer. If your lawyer doesn’t know everything about your case, it can make the process more challenging. In fact, keeping information from your lawyer will end up hurting your case. Before deciding to withhold information, make sure you know how not full disclosure can harm your case and your future in the long run.

A legal separation refers to a court order that states the duties and rights of a couple while they’re still married but living apart. On the other hand, in a divorce, the spouses are no longer married. Even if legal separations aren’t common, they can be helpful, primarily while the spouses work through financial or personal issues affecting their marriage. Because there are particular advantages and disadvantages to both, there are many things you should consider when contemplating legal separation or divorce.

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