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February.  Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  As is Family Day.  For those who are separated or divorced, these two occasions can sometimes be a painful reminder of what once was.  So I am penning this post to encourage you to celebrate what you do have, rather than mourning what you don’t.  And to remind everyone happily in a relationship to be sensitive about the upcoming holidays and maybe think before you speak.

I have always loved Valentine’s Day.  And nine times out of ten I am single on February 14th.  Once we were no longer forced to give valentines to the whole class, I only got a few.   In high school, I was the girl who got white friendship carnations instead of true love red.  Did that make me hate the holiday? No! I simply broadened the Valentine’s Day mandate.  You should do the same.  Celebrate a good friend on Valentine’s Day.  Thank a parent for the love they have given you over the years.  Put together a special valentine surprise for your child.  It does not have to be a day for lovers only.  Be grateful for the love you do have in your life.  Because the love is there if you only look for it.

The same can be said of Family Day.  Families come in all shapes and sizes.  They can include everyone and anyone: children, grandparents, nephews, nieces, step-parents and siblings, friends… the list is endless.  The Ozzie and Harriet, mom/dad/two kids/dog model is long gone.  Celebrate the family you do have, in all its individuality.  Spend the day with people who make you happy.  Because that’s your family.