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As humans, we’re wired to feel all kinds of emotions. The problem is that emotions can get really tricky—especially when you’re trying to figure out where the line between loving and being in love belongs. When a marriage hangs in the balance and happiness depends on where that line is, it’s a pretty important distinction.

Many people who end up in a Mississauga divorce lawyer’s office have discovered that while they deeply care for their spouses, they’re not actually in love anymore.

You Can Love Someone without Being in Love

It’s been said that a pair of powerful spectacles has sometimes sufficed to cure a person in love, and that’s true. Getting a clear picture of who your spouse really is might change your head-over-heels feelings; however, it doesn’t necessarily diminish how much you care about them.

What’s the Difference?

Love is often defined as a feeling of warm personal attachment or a deep affection. Being in love has more to do with a sense of “oneness” that’s connected to romantic feelings. Think about the way you feel about a close friend or a relative and compare that with the way you felt about your spouse on your wedding day (jitters aside). Were the two very different at the time, and do you still have the same feelings for your spouse?

Is Your Marriage Over if You’re Not in Love?

Psychologists often suggest that marriages can survive if the partners have fallen out of love—but that’s not always the case. There’s a difference between survival and thriving, too. You don’t need to make a frantic call to a Mississauga divorce lawyer if you figure out that you’re no longer in love with your spouse, but you do need to evaluate your situation and determine whether you’re truly happy with the way things are going.

Talking to a Mississauga Divorce Lawyer

Before you call a lawyer, talk to your spouse. He or she might be feeling the same way, and if you both want to recapture the spark you once had, you may be able to revamp your relationship and make it happen. If you don’t (or your spouse doesn’t) want to reconnect, give yourself permission to find happiness—even if it means divorce. Your Mississauga divorce lawyer will walk you through the process and explain all the tough issues, from child custody to property division, so you can begin to move on with your life.

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