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By the time your Mississauga divorce lawyer has helped you to obtain a divorce order, it’s not unrealistic to expect that you’ve moved on and started a relationship with someone new. It’s also not uncommon for your ex to be jealous or resentful of your new flame, and that friction can cause you a pretty big headache—especially if you have kids.

There are several ways your ex can act on his or her jealousy, and almost all of them are harmful to your kids’ well-being. If you don’t have kids, you don’t have to talk to your ex unless you want to; if your former spouse is bothering you and you don’t share children, call your Mississauga divorce lawyer right away. Your lawyer may be able to help stop the harassment through the courts, if necessary.

My Ex Threatens to Take My Kids

Unfortunately, some exes resort to threats because they’re jealous. Your ex might threaten to stop providing child support or even threaten to drag you to court over custody if you allow your shared children to get to know your new significant other. If this happens, call the Mississauga divorce lawyer who handled your case immediately. Write down every threat your ex makes and include the time and date; if you have voicemail messages or email messages that include threats, save them for your lawyer.

My Ex Uses My Kids to Spy

When one parent is jealous of the other’s new relationship, they may ask the kids to bring home information after a visit. In some cases, they don’t come right out and ask; instead, they prod the kids for details. While you may be tempted to tell your kids that their other parent is using them as pawns, it’s usually best to address the issue with your ex. By involving your kids further, you can contribute to their stress and inadvertently drive a wedge between them and your ex.

My Ex Delivers Messages through My Kids

Jealous exes often use kids as carrier pigeons because they’re angry. “Tell your father that if he wants to spend time with his girlfriend, he should do it when you’re not there,” and “Tell your mother that I don’t want you around her boyfriends,” are inappropriate messages for kids to deliver. If your kids come to you with messages from your ex, pick up the phone to let your ex know that he or she can deal with you directly. Tell your former spouse you’re open to communication so that your kids don’t have to feel like they’re caught in the middle—and mean it.

When to Call Your Mississauga Divorce Lawyer

If your ex makes a threat against you or your new partner, including threats about revoking your visitation or custody rights, call your Mississauga divorce lawyer right away. In other cases, such as your ex using your kids to get “dirt” on you or your partner, your ex delivering messages through the kids or making nasty, unwarranted remarks about either of you in front of the children, try to resolve the issue on your own. If that doesn’t help, call your Mississauga divorce lawyer; he or she might be able to take further legal action on your behalf.