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Every divorce case is different, and most people have their own personal reasons for ending a marriage. If you find yourself in a Mississauga divorce lawyer’s office, you might be wondering how common your reasons are; chances are, you’re not alone.

Your Mississauga divorce lawyer can probably tell you that many divorce cases share similar themes—and among the most-cited problems are money, infidelity and a lack of communication. In addition to those, people often say their relationships are unbalanced, they fight too much or they had unrealistic expectations during the marriage that led to the split.

Money is the Root of Many Divorces

One of the most common reasons for divorce is money. Some couples have fundamental disagreements on where it should come from, where it should go or who should bring it in. Others can’t seem to make it stretch far enough and don’t agree on (or stick to) budgets. Your Mississauga divorce lawyer may suggest mediation to help you and your spouse come to a final agreement when money disagreements play a pivotal role in your divorce.

Cheating: Infidelity Ends Marriages

Mississauga divorce lawyers frequently deal with cases involving infidelity. Sometimes the slighted spouse is the one who files for divorce, and sometimes it’s the one who strays who chooses to end the marriage. The decision to end a marriage is usually not easy for either party, and some couples try to work past it before talking to a Mississauga divorce lawyer.

“We Just Don’t Talk Anymore.”

Over time, many married people lose the connection they once had. Work, kids and other obligations often get in the way of one-on-one communication, and that often leads to one or both spouses talking to a Mississauga divorce lawyer. Sometimes couples can work hard and reconnect, but others may feel that it’s better to continue to grow as individuals rather than as a couple.

Tipping the Scales

Some relationships are unbalanced from the beginning, but the thrill of new love often overshadows inherent unfairness. When one partner feels they have too much responsibility in the relationship and that too little belongs to their spouse, resentment often follows—and that leads many couples down the path to divorce.

Winning Isn’t Everything

Many professionals agree that occasional fighting in a marriage is healthy. However, only fair fights fall into that category. When couples fight “dirty” and use personal attacks frequently, there are no winners. When one or both partners will pull out all the stops in order to come out on top, they’ll often end up in a Mississauga divorce lawyer’s office.

No matter what reasons you have, if you’re contemplating divorce or have already spoken to a Mississauga divorce lawyer, you’re not alone. People end their marriages for many reasons, and what matters most is that you’re confident in the decision you’ve made.