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When you married your spouse, you knew it would last forever… or did you? Sometimes people choose to get married despite having doubts about whether they’re doing the right thing or knowing it’s not likely to last forever. It actually happens more than you might think—and your Mississauga divorce lawyer has probably worked with several other people in situations like yours.

What Drives People to Say “I Do” if Not Love?

Some people get married because they think it’s the right thing to do. In some cases, people who have children together feel like they have to get married; in other cases, they’re simply afraid to be alone. There are dozens of reasons people get married when they know they shouldn’t, and these people often end up in a Mississauga divorce lawyer’s office when they realize they’ve made a mistake.

Other reasons people get married despite knowing it’s not likely to work include:

  • “Everyone else is getting married.” Some people just don’t want to be the only single ones left—and while that’s understandable, it can lead to a loveless, unhappy marriage.
  • “We’ve been together forever.” It’s normal to get comfortable in a long-term relationship, and when one partner suggests marriage, it’s often easier to go along for the ride, even when you’re not entirely comfortable doing so.
  • “If we didn’t get married, I was going to get dumped and be alone.” You may have been presented with an ultimatum, which isn’t the ideal way to start a marriage.
  • “Our parents expected us to get married.” It’s not fair for parents to hound their kids about getting married, but even into adulthood, parents’ words can carry a lot of weight.

No matter why you got married, you don’t have to be miserable for the rest of your life. In fact, it’s not emotionally healthy for you, your spouse or your kids to stay in an unhappy relationship.

Protecting Your Rights When You’re a Victim

Unfortunately, you might be the unwitting victim of someone who married you for the wrong reasons. Whether you were the “way out” of a bad situation, a source of money or a source of comfort, someone else’s selfishness has damaged your life. Your Mississauga divorce lawyer will help protect your rights under the law to ensure the damage stops right away.

Fixing a Bad Decision

If you married for the wrong reasons, no matter what they were, a Mississauga divorce lawyer can help you get your affairs in order so you can start a new life. Your lawyer will probably ask you several questions, including why you’ve made the decision to divorce and what your financial situation looks like.

Once you’ve given your lawyer all the necessary information, he or she will be able to help you draft a fair custody agreement and determine whether you’re entitled to spousal support or child support. You’ll also discuss property division and other aspects of your case, and your Mississauga divorce lawyer can answer any questions you may have based on his or her extensive experience.

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