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Have you been trying to work out a budget and having a hard time making the numbers work?  Are you struggling to stretch your dollars until the next pay cheque?  Many people are, so you are not alone.  Fortunately, there are several things you can easily cut out of your monthly expenses without feeling like you’re suffering.

Cable or Satellite TV:  It’s easy to get lured into these monthly television packages.  There’s usually a great price at the beginning, but you end up stuck in a contract with high prices.  Instead, consider streaming subscriptions that come at much lower costs, such as Netflix.  You can skip the commercials and watch what you want without the costly bill.

Movie Rentals:  Sure, renting a movie is much cheaper than actually going to the theatre, but those rental fees can really add up.  Many local libraries will loan movies for free.  The titles aren’t as new as what you’d find in a rental store, but you’ll save the rental cost.  Desperate to watch new releases?  Ask a few friends to come over for the showing and split the cost.

Gym Membership:  How often do you really use that gym membership you’re paying for every month?  If it isn’t something that you can truly justify paying, consider cutting it and getting your exercise in elsewhere.  Take a walk around the park or in your neighborhood.  Look for workout videos on YouTube.  Working out at home can be just as invigorating as going to the gym.

Newspaper and Magazine Subscriptions:  Do you actually read these periodicals every month, or do they wind up accumulating in the recycling bin?  Most local news sites cover stories for free online, as do numerous magazines.

Food and Drinks on the Go:  If you kept track of how much you spent each week on fast food or coffee, you might be surprised at the total.  Packing a lunch and taking it to work with you can save you lots of money and calories.  Making coffee at home for just a few cents instead of several dollars is also a big saver.  You can buy special creams and flavor syrups at your local grocery stores if you really want to make it like your favourite barista does.

Before you make a purchase or sign up for any sort of subscription service, stop and think about whether or not it’s really worth it.  Small amounts can add up quickly and leave you in the lurch at the end of the month.  Even if you have plenty of money to pay your bills, cutting out these expenses will allow you to save up for something big.

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