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A wedding ring, when it is first purchased, is a symbol of love and passion.  But what happens when the symbolism behind it is no longer meaningful?  Going through a divorce often means getting rid of some of your possessions, but what should you do with your wedding ring?  The fact that it is an expensive item that has lost its value to you can make the decision rather difficult.

Sell it to pay for your divorce:  No divorce is free, so it makes sense to sell a symbol of your broken marriage to help pay for it.  Even if the legal fees are well behind you, the money from selling the ring can help you recoup the costs of moving, changing jobs, or replacing the personal property that your ex got in the divorce.

Sell it to buy something for yourself:  Anyone who has been going through a divorce can use a little love, and you can give it to yourself by selling your wedding ring.  Use the money to buy a new piece of jewelry or to pay for a vacation.  The funds could even be the start of a new business venture.  The point here is to turn something that has made you sad into something that will make you happy!

Trade it in:  Many jewelry stores will give you more for your ring if you take store credit instead of cash.  This is something to take advantage of if you plan on buying a different piece of jewelry.

Keep it for your children:  Will your children want your wedding jewelry when they know your marriage ended in divorce?  There’s no way of knowing until they are ready to get married themselves.  If you think they may be able to put it to good use (even if they melt it down to make a new ring out of it), there’s nothing wrong with holding onto it.  You can always keep it in a safety deposit box if you don’t want to look at it every time you open your jewelry box.

Have it redesigned:  The great thing about wedding rings is that they can fairly easily be made into something new.  Consider having the stones remounted into a different ring or onto a pendant.  You could also have the gold melted down to be made into a new piece of jewelry.  Make sure before you do this that you will be comfortable knowing that the materials came from your wedding ring.

Do something wild:  The internet is full of tales of divorced people who weren’t content with something as everyday as selling or trading in their rings.  You could throw it off a mountain, send it floating down the river on a paper boat, or tie it to a helium balloon (but please do consider the environment here).  This might be a great option for you if your ring wasn’t worth much or if you feel it will bring you the most closure.

If you are selling or trading in your ring, make sure you shop around and compare prices.  It’s worth it to hang onto the ring for a little longer to make sure you get the most out of it.  Getting rid of your wedding ring or changing it into something new and special is a good way to remove emotional triggers from your home.  It’s a great start to prove to yourself that you’re ready to move on with your new life.