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If you have gone through a divorce or are in the midst of one, you have probably spent some time getting rid of mementos from your previous marriage.  You’re ready to move on, and you don’t have the mental and emotional room to keep dredging up the past.  It’s easy to get rid of the inexpensive items.  You can donate a t-shirt he bought for you to your local charity organization, and those pearl earrings that were an anniversary gift can be sold on eBay.  But what about your wedding dress?  It can be much more difficult to determine what to do with something that is expensive and that once held so much meaning.  Here’s what some folks are doing with their old gowns these days:

Sell It:  Getting a divorce and starting your life over is never free, so why not sell that dress to help make up for the cost of the split?  This option is only going to work for you if your dress is a style that is still relatively popular.  You could easily turn that old gown into a few bucks if your wedding was fairly recent, but it’s going to much harder if the dress is over five years old.

Make a New Dress:  You probably spent a decent amount of money on that wedding dress, and it could be fun to get more use out of it.  Talk to your local seamstress to see if yours can be turned into a cute cocktail dress or other formal gown.  Make sure before you do this that you’ll be okay with wearing it once it looks a little different.  If you think it will still carry some bad energy for you, it isn’t worth spending the money.

Use the Fabric:  Is your dress made of luxurious fabric?  Is there fine beadwork or lace?  Consider cutting it up and making it into something completely different.  Your dress could be transformed into glorious throw pillows or fine gowns for your child’s dolls.

Trash It:  A trash-the-dress session is so much more than just throwing it away.  This trend has become more popular with former brides over the last few years.  The idea is wear your dress while diving into a lake, having a paintball session, or running through the mud.  It makes the disposal of the dress much more fun and meaningful, and it can be great therapy.

Donate It:  Even though you don’t want the dress and the memories that are tied to it doesn’t mean someone else won’t really appreciate it.  You can simply donate the gown to your local charity organization, or you can find one that specializes in wedding dresses.  Some give the gowns to brides in need and others even turn them into gowns for stillborn babies.  Find the charity that is most meaningful to you.

Whatever you decide to do with your dress, pick the option that makes you feel the best.  No matter what anyone else tells you, this is your dress and you are the only one that can decide the best way to dispose of it.  Whether you burn it, donate it, or transform it into something new, getting that dress out of your closet is a sure step toward a new you!

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