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Once your North York divorce lawyer has helped you obtain your divorce, you instantly gained the freedom to remarry. So did your now-former spouse… but you didn’t expect him or her to take advantage of that freedom so soon. It can really hurt when an ex gets remarried; on top of that, it can throw a wrench in all the logistics you carefully mapped out during your divorce.

When Your Ex Drops the Bombshell

You might be surprised when you find out your ex is getting remarried— if it happens shortly after you’ve said good-bye to your North York divorce lawyer, you might even suspect that he or she was involved in the relationship before you two officially split. However, the important part at this point is to make sure you’re doing what you can to keep your kids happy.

Your Spouse’s New Flame: A Bright Bulb or a Dim Ember?

If you’ll be expected to deal with your ex’s new flame, such as at your kids’ school functions or during the pick-up and drop-off times you’ve included in your custody agreement, you’ll have to accept that he or she is there to (probably) stay. You don’t have to like or respect your ex’s new partner, but you can’t stir up trouble; your North York divorce lawyer would probably advise you to keep your distance if you can’t keep the peace.

You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that your ex’s “other half” isn’t so bad, even if they’re not the brightest crayon in the box. The new flame is probably secretly hoping you don’t harbour any built-in ill will; most people actually want to avoid drama and conflict.

Sharing Your Kids with a Step-Parent

You’ll always be first in your kids’ hearts. No one will ever replace you. Remember that when you get irritated that there’s another adult in their lives. Remember, too, that kids often have mixed feelings about step-parents: they might think they’re being disloyal to you by enjoying a step-parent’s company. That means you’ll have to refrain from badmouthing your ex’s new spouse and don’t let jealousy overcome you if they express their feelings to you.

Help from Your North York Divorce Lawyer

If you suspect your ex’s new partner isn’t being good to your kids, or if there’s any form of domestic violence going on in the home, call your North York divorce lawyer right away. You may be able to remove your kids from the situation to keep them safe, but don’t do anything without consulting your lawyer first.

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