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Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams

Law Clerk

At a very young age, Ashley knew that when she grew up she would like to be that person that could provide security and peace of mind to individuals going through rough times. She realized that she would need a position where she could feel like the work she’s doing can help others in any way possible.

She takes great pride in being able to assist someone going through a very hard situation, sometimes family proceedings can take a toll on an individual. She tries her best to be able to show the upmost respect and consideration through the entire process.

Once she completed High School, she was off to Centennial College where she obtained her Law Clerk Diploma and Indigenous Studies Certificate. She loves learning about the history and cultures of others, hence her Indigenous Studies Certificate.

She enjoys traveling and being able to see how other cultures live day by day, her goal is to be able to visit every island in the Caribbean. She has the chance to be able to go to St. Vincent, Grenada and Barbados.

When she’s not assisting client’s, she’s usually practicing Yoga to be able to keep calm and be at peace. When she’s not practicing yoga, she’ll usually be in the movie theatre watching every horror and action movie that comes in.

Ashley’s been described as very helpful, and tech-savvy when needed. She’s very willing to try new things and take on any tasks to be able to gain experience. She’s able to intertwine all her skills and experience to bring the best services to her clients.

Ashley Williams