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Galia Amoils

Galia Amoils


Don’t be fooled by Galia’s stature. She just happens to hold a first degree black belt in Taekwondo. It’s that sort of focus that also makes her a formidable trial lawyer both in family law and as a criminal lawyer. As she likes to point out, she’s willing to hit hard when needed.

Don’t worry though. Galia also has a softer, gentler side. Particularly for her 8 year old Golden Doodle, Moose. They can often be seen around town spending quality time together and posing for numerous selfies. It sounds serious to us.

During undergrad, Galia earned an Honours double major in Philosophy and Classical Studies from the University of Western Ontario. Then, hoping to broaden her horizons, she flew over it and straight to the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, where she received her LL.B. (Hons) and finished in the top 20% of her class!

An avid traveller, Galia holds a special fondness for the city of New Orleans, savoring its vibrant music, food and culture. Closer to home and during her free time, Galia enjoys concerts, comedy shows, basketball & hot yoga – though not all at once. One of her favourite thing to do, however, is to lounge around coffee shops, particularly if they have exposed brick and a mean espresso!

At the office, Galia is always happy to lend an ear and help out whenever and wherever she can. With her clients, she takes a very empathetic approach. You see, she has this uncanny ability to conceptualize and understand what people are going through – and because of this talent, she is able to develop the best legal approach for every one of her clients.

Reported Case
R. v. Rahman, 2016 ONCJ 718
Charges: Impaired Operation/Over 80 contrary to section 253 (1)(a) and (b) of the Criminal Code of Canada. The Court used R v. Pino, 2016 ONCA 389 to retroactively exclude breath samples (subject to section 24(2) of the Charter) on the basis of a section 9 Charter breach (overhold, arbitrary detention). In addition, due to the nature of the breach, the Court dipped below the mandatory minimum (as set out in the Criminal Code) under the ambit of Section 24(1) of the Charter.

Galia Amoils



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