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The third Sunday of June marks Father’s Day, and it’s usually a happy (and hopefully relaxing) day for dads all over the country. But what if you’re newly divorced? Does your child custody agreement allow you time with the kids on your special day, or is your ex willing to drop them off for a few hours? If not, you might need to call your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer to rehash your visitation schedule—but that’s a last resort.

Planning Ahead

If your custody agreement doesn’t give you Father’s Day with your kids, talk to your ex and see if she’s willing to work with you. It’s usually a good idea to talk about this a few weeks in advance, before she’s committed to other plans. Stay calm and focused; that’s part of co-parenting, and it can work in your favour.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to point out how things will work in your ex’s favour, especially if you’re not sure she’ll cooperate. Suggest that she spend the morning relaxing, shopping or doing something else she enjoys for the time that she’ll be kid-free. Avoid reopening old wounds by discussing the circumstances that surrounded your divorce; just let her know that you’ll be willing to reciprocate if she needs you to.

Accept Your Kids’ Feelings

Your kids might be harbouring resentment, anger or hurt over the divorce, so they might not be thrilled about celebrating Father’s Day. Kids often feel like they’re betraying one parent if they’re having fun with the other, too, so keep the day lighthearted—and don’t fight with their mom during pick-up or drop-off.

If your ex is in a relationship or is already remarried, your kids might feel particularly torn. Acknowledging and accepting the fact they might want to do something with you and their mom’s new partner will show your kids that you have their best interests at heart (and that you’re not being selfish by “taking them away” from what they want to do).

When to Call Your Richmond Hill Divorce Lawyer

Some ex-wives are completely unwilling to bend. If your custody agreement doesn’t specifically say that you’re to have the kids on Father’s Day, you can call your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer to see if you can modify it. If you are supposed to have them and your ex fails to follow through, you’ll need to call your lawyer right away to find out what to do next.

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