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There are many reasons you may choose to live in the same house as your ex during divorce. You may wish to continue sharing resources and save money so you can be more successful when you venture out on your own, or you may have other, more personal reasons.

If you choose to continue living in the same house as your ex, either during or after your divorce, make sure you let your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer know about your plans—the choices you make now can have an effect on the outcome of your case.

Transitioning from Being Spouses to Being Roommates

If you’re going to live together, you’ll need to set ground rules about privacy, finances and intimacy. Since you’re no longer a couple, you’re no longer accountable to each other for relationship issues. However, you’ll still need to be responsible for maintaining your personal space and upholding your financial obligations to the household.

Generally, it’s a bad idea to continue being intimate with one another during your divorce. It can cause emotional conflict, which you don’t need during this difficult time, and many other unintended consequences.

Make Communication Easy

Create a communication board and household calendar and update it as necessary. When new issues arise, like the kids needing to be picked up from soccer practice or the utility bills needing to be mailed, designate who’s responsible and note it on the board. That way, you always have a point of reference (let’s face it: things get hectic during divorce) that helps keep track of who’s doing what.

Maintain Proper Boundaries

Since you’re used to being accountable to one another, it might be difficult to give your ex the same amount of personal space—both emotional and physical—that you expect to be given. Don’t ask who’s calling, barge into his or her room, or interrupt what your ex is doing around the house. If your ex does those things to you, let him or her know that it makes you uncomfortable and that he or she needs to stop so you can live together peacefully.

Your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer may advise you not to date during your divorce, particularly if you’re still living with your ex. In addition to complicating your case, it can cause hard feelings between you and your ex and make your living situation more difficult.

Dating may also confuse your children who are already unsure about what’s going on with mom and dad—so just hang tight. You’ll be free to date whomever you choose once your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer gives you the green light.

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