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During divorce, it’s common to feel a wide range of emotions that span from sadness to righteous anger. While you might relish the thought of stuffing your ex’s clothes into trash bags, tossing a few of his or her prized possessions out of a second-storey window, or shoving the couch you’ve always hated out the front door, you should probably relegate those ideas to a dusty corner of your imagination. In fact, your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer will likely tell you to do just that—and it’s for your own good.

Cleaning House

If your ex has moved out of your marital home but hasn’t yet removed all his or her possessions, it’s okay to help pack them so you can begin moving on. However, that means packing things as if they were your own; neatly, gently and space-efficiently. Damaging or destroying your ex’s belongings could make your ex less likely to work with you on property division; additionally, your ex could use it to make you seem irrational and incapable of self-control in court.

Arranging the Pick-Up

Once your ex’s belongings are packed and ready to go, it’s time to ask your ex to come get them. Sending a polite text or email can be a great alternative to a phone call, especially if you’re concerned about getting into an argument.

Your goal is to remain flexible and be civil. Your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer will probably tell you that the more civil you can be toward your ex, the better you’ll fare during the divorce. If your ex can’t come get his or her things when you’d like them to, see if you can work something else out. If they won’t agree to pick them up at all, let your lawyer know so he or she can give you guidance on what to do next.

Extenuating Circumstances

If you’ve been a victim of domestic violence, or if your ex is trying to manipulate, bully or harass you, tell your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer right away. Your safety is more important than giving back your ex’s belongings, and your lawyer will be able to help ensure everything goes smoothly when your ex stops by for the pick-up.

Rearranging Your Space

Once your ex’s stuff is gone—or at least packed and sitting by the door—you can start infusing your space with your own personality. Get rid of or stash away anything that reminds you of your ex so you can start fresh. Rearrange the furniture, splash a fresh coat of paint here, add a brighter lamp there… it’s your house, and the sooner you make it feel like yours alone, the sooner you can begin enjoying your fresh start.

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