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If you have children and you feel like you’re trapped in an unhappy marriage, you might find yourself facing some big questions. Is it better to stay married and deal with fighting, discomfort and other issues, or will you and your children be better off if you head to a Richmond Hill divorce lawyer’s office to dissolve your marriage?

While no one can make that decision for you, it’s worth discussing with your spouse. You might be surprised at his or her answer—and in the meantime, you might find it interesting what leading psychologists and sociologists are saying.

Pro-Marriage versus Pro-Happiness

Depending on where you get your facts, you’ll probably read conflicting views. The pro-marriage camp will often tell you that divorce can cause long-lasting trauma to your kids that they’ll eventually need to sort out with intensive therapy, while many mental health professionals disagree.

“The worst situation for kids is when unhappily married parents, particularly those in high-conflict marriages, stay together,” writes sociologist Christine Carter, Ph.D. for Psychology Today. In fact, some studies suggest that prolonged conflict is an indicator of eventual domestic violence, which unquestionably harms children.

Conflict Harms Kids More than Divorce

Kids are generally happier when their parents aren’t constantly stressed and when they’re not subjected to fighting or conflict. In many cases, talking to a Richmond Hill divorce lawyer is the beginning of a fresh start for the whole family; often, that leads to more well-adjusted and mentally healthy kids.

Reaching for Inner—and Outer—Peace

When you’re stressed, worn-out and frustrated over your marriage, it’s tough to give your kids your best. It’s difficult to argue with your spouse in one breath and ask your child how his or her day went in the next. Focusing your attention on your child can seem next to impossible when there’s constant conflict brewing.

Talking to a Richmond Hill divorce lawyer can help you gain perspective and discover how your life, and your kids’ lives, might be different if you and your spouse decide to separate. He or she will discuss your options as far as child custody and visitation to help you determine whether or not you want to go through a divorce. Your lawyer may even be able to recommend a local therapist who can talk to your family about the changes you’re all going through and help each of you work through this transitional period.

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