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The Benefits of Being Nice During DivorceWhether you and your spouse made a mutual decision to go your separate ways or one of you was a bit resistant, being nice to each other can go a long way in terms of getting what you want out of child custody, the division of property and more. Your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer has probably already told you that it’s best to remain civil if at all possible—and he or she is speaking from experience.

Turning the Tides in Your Divorce

Divorce is an emotional time for everyone involved, even if you’re completely confident in your decision. You and your ex set the tone for the entire divorce and your future relationship (which is particularly important if you share children). Do you want to suffer through years of strife, or would you rather engage in a give-and-take relationship that keeps your kids happy and keeps your blood pressure low?

Being nice doesn’t mean being friendly. All it means is that you’re extending your ex the same courtesies you’d extend to another person—hearing his or her concerns, taking a moment to understand them, and if you disagree, presenting your opinion in a civil way. If you choose your words carefully (or choose to let your ex “win” a disagreement because it’s not important), you’ll get much farther in the negotiation process.

You can rely on your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer to handle the details if you disagree over things that affect your children or your property.

Setting an Example for Your Kids

If you have children, extending their other parent ordinary courtesies teaches them about peaceful conflict resolution. Kids pick up on the subtlest of cues, so when they see you doing your best to be nice in the face of disagreements, they learn that it’s far more effective than being stubborn or unkind.

You don’t have to be best friends with your ex; in fact, you don’t have to be friends at all. If you simply cannot get along with your ex, despite your best efforts, let your Richmond Hill divorce lawyer know. Your lawyer might suggest mediation or help you find other solutions.


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