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Single Parenting and BabiesSometimes divorce is inevitable, and it often happens at the most inconvenient times. One of those times is just before, or just after, the birth of a new baby. That means the responsibilities of late-night feedings, diaper-changes and other sleep-robbing parenting tasks will fall on only one of you. While you and your Toronto divorce lawyer will work out a custody agreement that meets your child’s best interests, you’re probably wondering how the divorce will affect everyone involved.

Infants and Divorce

Young infants don’t have much control over their own emotions; they’re strongly influenced by parents. They can tell when you’re stressed, unhappy or angry, and they may become fussier or hard to comfort as a result.

Difficulties often arise when both parents want overnight visits with the baby, particularly if the baby is nursing and needs to stay with his or her mother to do so. Babies between about eight months and one year start to experience separation anxiety – they have a tough time being away from their primary caregivers.

It’s crucial that you and your ex work out parenting time that’s baby-centered; that means cooperating in a give-and-take solution that works best for your little one. Your Toronto divorce lawyer can provide you with suggestions or may refer you to a mediator who can help you make the best decisions.

Being the Single Parent of an Infant

Parenting is hard. It’s even harder when you’re short on sleep, and babies have a knack for waking up just as you doze off. While it may mean putting off the dishes or the laundry, catching a few moments of sleep is well worth it.

Doing things alone can also wear on you. If you have a friend or family member in a situation similar to yours, join forces to combat loneliness and caregiver fatigue. If not, think about joining a single parent support group.

Being a single parent isn’t an easy job, but you and your little one will come out of this ordeal stronger, more capable and more resilient. Things get easier with time; if you can work with your Toronto divorce lawyer to find solutions that involve both you and your ex, you’ll be well on your way to healthy parent-child relationships.


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