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When your divorce is granted, what will you do? Will you join the ranks of celebrities like Jack White and Katy Perry by throwing a big bash, or will you spend your time quietly reflecting on your life? Will you send out divorce announcements or have a memorial service for your wedding ring?

The end of your marriage is a life-altering event. You’ve spent quite a bit of time worrying, discussing your options with your Toronto divorce lawyer and making plans for your future. Whether or not you choose to celebrate, and how you choose to do so, are personal decisions only you can make.

Low-Key, Personal Celebrations

Some people choose to mark the granting of their divorces privately. Still others go about things as though it were business as usual, obtaining their divorce, thanking their Toronto divorce lawyer and moving on with their days.

You might choose to box up everything that reminds you of your ex, or you might opt to be alone and reflect. Maybe you’ll practice the ancient Japanese tradition of enkiri to symbolize the cutting of emotional ties to your former spouse by writing his or her name on a slip of paper and sending it into a swirling abyss. Perhaps you’ll even have a small bonfire with some of the gifts your ex gave you. No matter what you choose to do, the important thing is that it gives you closure so you can move on with your life.

Divorce Announcements

Divorce can be announced just like an engagement can. Some people choose to send out emails, while others spring for paper announcements. There are downsides, though—especially if you choose to send them out before your divorce is final. Sending out announcements can make you appear cold-hearted or insensitive.

Divorce Ceremonies

Your religious faith may have a special ceremony for the end of a marriage. For example, Judaism marks the end of your commitments with a “get” officiated by a rabbi. Other faiths have ceremonies of hope and official divorce ceremonies. Some psychologists even suggest that marriages begin ceremoniously and should end the same way. If you’re not particularly religious, or if your faith doesn’t have a similar ceremony, you can still host your own.

Party Like You’re Single

Some people choose to go all-out in celebration when their divorce is final. While celebrating with everyone you know can feel good, don’t forget to consider the message it conveys to your family and friends—and perhaps most importantly, your kids.

Regardless of how you choose to mark the granting of your divorce, it should provide you with a sense of peace instead of creating more turmoil.

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