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A Toronto divorce lawyer will guide you through various milestones during the termination of a marriage; such as the separation agreement, division of assets, and the final divorce. Like life, the termination of marriage is not solely defined by a series of cumulative moments, but also by the journey in between. The journey of “divorce” begins long before the final signature is set and continues after the ink has dried.

Dating after divorce is not synonymous with “starting a new book” of your life, but with starting a new chapter. In order to understand this next chapter, you must first appreciate all that has led you to this point.

The first steps to take when considering the notion of dating after divorce are:

  1. Identifying what you want at this time in your life
  2. Defining your personal standards and boundaries; and
  3. Fortifying your support group of friendships

After moving through this process of introspective reflection, it is time to take the second series of steps. It is time to take action.

1. Introduce yourself to yourself.

It is likely that the person you are today, right now, is not the same person you were when you first married. You have been the spouse of another for years, with that of course comes burdens, responsibilities and negotiation of identity. It is time to free yourself from the ties of your past, and to embrace your future. It is time to rediscover yourself. This is a time of adventure, exploration, new experiences and celebration.

In order to embark on this stage of self-discovery, it is apt to engage in a variety of activities. You may find a hidden talent for curling, water painting or surfing. Maybe, your true passion lies in Thai cuisine, carpentry or piano. The old adages are true: “you never know until you try” and “you are never too old to try”.

Participating in a variety of classes, pursuits and hobbies has a number of benefits. First, there is immense satisfaction and sense of personal achievement when one masters a new skill or technique. Similarly, one
affirms one’s self worth by meeting goals and acting independently. Second, group activities allow one to partake in social situations and meet new people that share a common interest. Third, one’s growth as a dynamic, well-rounded and fascinating person will bode well for any first-date conversations.

Divorce is not a reason to put your life on hold. Introduce yourself to the happier, vibrant and active person you want to be.

2. Look good, feel good.

Toronto divorce lawyers are well aware that the divorce process can be draining and difficult. As such, a good divorce lawyer will help to lighten the load as much as possible. Nevertheless, you will likely come to the end of the journey feeling tired and worn out. This is normal. However, before getting back into the dating world; it is vital that you reenergize, recuperate, and restore your sense of self. Preparing to date is similar to preparing for a date: You want to look and feel your best. In order to do so, you must be your number one priority.

In this post-divorce stage; eat well, exercise regularly, refresh your wardrobe, get enough sleep and treat yourself to some well-deserved TLC. It is not selfish, superficial or vain to actively care for yourself. People who feel great about themselves and their bodies are happier and healthier, both of which are desirable characteristics. Lastly, taking action to better yourself will result in an increase in confidence, and there is nothing more attractive than that!

Dating After Divorce
Dating After Divorce: The Next Step is Dating

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