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Many people put off getting a divorce—even when it’s inevitable—for a variety of reasons. However, that’s often to their detriment. Staying in an unhappy marriage, particularly if it’s causing you an unbearable amount of stress, can create deep-seated resentment and anger issues. In some cases, you’re far better off discussing your options with a Toronto divorce lawyer, even when there are extenuating circumstances such as your spouse’s health.

When Your Spouse is Sick

Whether your spouse is suffering from a physical or a mental illness, the challenges you may have to face can seem insurmountable. So many factors can negatively impact your marriage, from financial issues you never expected to being forced into a caregiver role that you’re just not equipped for. You might also be married to someone with an addiction, which most mental health professionals consider an illness, and relationships like those are often very one-sided.

Talking to a Toronto divorce lawyer who can help you tackle the tough questions, such as when you become legally separated and whether you’ll be ordered to pay spousal support, can help give you a clear picture of possible outcomes for your case.

Listening to Well-Meaning Friends and Family

Since your case is so unique, you’ll need to exercise extreme caution when listening to the advice of well-meaning family and friends. Instead, turn to your Toronto divorce lawyer when you have questions or need advice; that’s the only way to be sure you’re helping, not harming, your case.

Considerations on Custody Agreements

If you have children, your child custody agreement may need to be more detailed than most, particularly if your spouse is incapacitated. Your lawyer can help you determine how much child support, if any, to ask for and what type of visitation schedule works best for your family.

The Emotional Consequences

Divorce is tough on everyone, and you’ll likely need to rely on a trusted support network. Your Toronto divorce lawyer might suggest that you talk to a therapist to prepare yourself for the emotional consequences of divorcing a sick spouse. That’s because it’s not uncommon for family and friends to misunderstand your reasons and attempt to sway your decision. They may also try to make you feel guilty or refuse to speak to you.

The Final Decision

When you’re contemplating divorce, especially when your spouse is ill, you’ll need to weigh your options carefully. Your spouse’s illness might affect the outcome of your case, and your Toronto divorce lawyer will be able to pinpoint possible hang-ups, problems or unintended effects. Ultimately, you’ll need to make the choice based on what’s best for you alone.