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When you discover that your spouse is part of an online affair, you may choose to contact a Toronto divorce lawyer and consider ending your marriage. Many people believe that an online affair is still cheating – but whether it’s an offense serious enough to end your marriage is something only you can decide. Your Toronto divorce lawyer can’t tell you how serious it is, but he or she may have dealt with cases similar to yours in the past.

What is an Online Affair?

An online affair doesn’t involve your spouse and another person meeting face-to-face (but it can lead to that). It begins with things like:

  • instant messages between your spouse and another person
  • emails
  • social media messaging
  • online phone calls through Skype or a similar service

In most cases, if your spouse is doing these things with a friend, there’s no harm done. However, when you feel what he or she is doing violates your marriage, you may reach a crossroads: should you talk to your Toronto divorce lawyer about getting a divorce, or should you try to find marriage counseling and work things out?

Contacting a Toronto Divorce Lawyer

Whether you choose to get a divorce or to stay married, it’s probably a good idea to consult with a Toronto divorce lawyer. That way, you’ll be able to find out what your legal options are, including whether you’ll be entitled to financial support, whether you’ll be able to keep your house and whether you should confront your spouse about his or her online affair.

What Your Toronto Divorce Lawyer May Advise

Your Toronto divorce lawyer will probably advise you to make a decision based on logic, not emotions, when you discover your spouse has been having an online affair. That’s simply to help you; many people have a quick, emotional reaction to a spouse’s online infidelity – but acting without planning ahead is rarely a good idea.

Your Toronto divorce lawyer will be able to provide advice and insight on matters like:

  • when, if ever, you should move out of your marital home
  • what the court considers cheating (the court’s definition may differ from yours)
  • what will happen to your estate, including your liquid assets and any properties you share with your spouse, if you choose to divorce
  • what will change about your kids’ living arrangements and day-to-day operations
  • who will be responsible for your legal fees if you do choose to divorce

Your Toronto divorce lawyer will probably have several questions for you. In order to help you determine the best course of action, he or she needs to know as much as possible about your spouse, your marriage and your spouse’s online affair. As uncomfortable as it may be, you’ll need to discuss everything you know about your spouse’s affair with your Toronto divorce lawyer – he or she will only be able to provide the best advice and guidance when you’ve provided enough information.

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